E20 G2
LED exit sign and lead light emergency
5-year-warranty ta-20 IP65 CE d_insulated n_Nemko LED ik06 mounting_ld_surface_celing-2 24V_DC
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Standard Sign, included

E20-S G2
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Standard Sign, included

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Standard Sign, included

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Standard Sign, included

E20 G2

E20 G2 is a single sided, LED based emergency light working both as an exit sign and a lead light. E20 G2 is designed for applications that requires IP classifications or where low temperatures can occur.

Legends for different directions are delivered with the luminaire. Reading distance is 24 meter. Used as a lead light it covers approximately 13 meters when mounted at 2,5 meter ceiling height.

 E20 are designed for standard ceiling or wall mounting. By using special brackets it can be flag mounted or pendant mounted. A double sided version is available by using a special cover that ares available on separate item numbers.

Variants with integrated battery backup can be delivered with self test for automatic testing according to relevant standards or DALI for centralized control. E20 G2 can also be delivered for 230V or 24V centralized battery. 

Light source


Body material & colour



Cable entry on top. 3x2,5 screw terminal.

Emergency system

Self test (ST) or DALI.
230V or 24V AC/DC centralized battery are also available.

For ceiling or wall mounting. Flag mounting with the use of a bracket that must be ordered separately.

IP65 diffusor clip

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