HR R20
Searchlight Halogen Remote Controlled R20 for high speed vessels
Ta-40 ta50 IP56 qt
QN1030_HR R20

HR R20

HR R20

The remote controlled halogen searchlight HR 250 R20 is very well suited for high speed vessels, tug boats, pilot vessels and luxury yachts, due to the clean compact design and its low weight. Built with corrosion resistant components, and designed for extreme marine environments which require minimum maintenance. Besides low weight and simple mounting, these searchlights provide reliable lighting in all kinds of temperatures.
  • Designed to meet applicable marine requirements.
  • Applicable to sub-zero temperatures of -40°C
  • Low weight and compact design
  • High quality  seawater resistant aluminium housing finished in white polyester coating

Light source

250 W / 24 V halogen lamp GX6.35 for 24, 115 and 230 V.
650 W / 230 V halogen lamp GX9.5 for 230 V.
Lamp included. 


Durable silver-plated glass reflector specially designed for halogen bulbs. Remote controlled light distribution (wide or narrow beam).


  • Slave panel
  • Pedestal for high mounting
  • Radio control
  • Other RAL colours for housing on request.
QN1030_HR R20_Searchlight_Lightoutput
Product  L (m)* Dia Ø (m) Angel α°
 HR 250 R20 250 W 2170 152 4-7

* Theoretical estimated at 1 lux.

Light output for HR R20

Product  L (m)* Dia Ø (m) Angel α°
 HR 250 R20 250 W 2170 152 4-7

* Theoretical estimated at 1 lux.

QN1030_HR R20

HR R20

QN1030_HR R20

HR R20 - Explanation of parts

Measurement drawings

QN1030_HR R20_Searchlight_Lightoutput QN1030_HR R20

Explosion drawings

QN1030_HR R20

Baltic Workboats Shipyard


Baltic Workboats Shipyard in Estonia is known for its series of sturdy workboats, such as pilot boats,  patrol boats, ferries and special purpose ships. In recent years, the lighting schemes for these purpose-built vessels have been provided by Glamox.

“The main reason we use Glamox is because of the good price and performance ratio.“ Says Baltic Workboats Sales Manager Edgar Peganov.

The portfolio of newbuildings with lighting schemes from Glamox includes several research vessels and pilot boats, patrol boats , road extension ferries, tugs and other workboats.

Baltic Workboats vast, state-of-the-art 5,500 square meter shipyard facilities are located in the Baltic Sea on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia, which is renowned for its shipbuilding heritage for hundreds of years in Europe. At Baltic Workboats, they have brought shipbuilding into the 21st Century with a major modernization programme, complete with considerable new investments in facilities, equipment and skills.

Baltic Workboats is known for its quality designs and innovative use of a wave-piercing hull concept that reduces vibration and saves fuel.

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