Touch Screen Navigational Light Controller
IP22 IMO CE CRS GL_DNV rina 115V 230_V 24V_DC
NL90_Control Panel

NL90 Control Panels


NL90 is used to control the operation of navigation and signaling lights onboard ships.

The solution is easy to install "plug and play", easy to use and can control a number of navigation and signal lights. It has short delivery from our factory and the configuration can be done onboard the ship after installation. The NL90 system is pre-configurated and delivered with a standard setup. The system fulfils all requirements for a complete navigation light installation for all ships, meeting all relevant standards and resolutions.

The complete unit contains of a main LCD display with touch panel for flush mounting, input modules for lanterns connection and power supply unit for mounting inside of bridge console.

NL90 is Bureau Veritas, CRS, GL and RINA certified.


Navigation Light Configurator 

Glamox offers a Navigation Light Configuratur that will make it easy for you to find the correct products and solutions for your project. Test it out!

Please check for our new Navigation light controller NL95! 


230V AC and 115V AC versions, +6%, -10%, 50/60Hz. Also available versions for 24V DC systems and solutions for dissimilar main and spare power input. Connections for main and spare, automatic change-over, supply change-over signalization


Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, RINA and CRS


Maximal configurations:
13 main and 13 spare navigation lights using INTL-10 (first)and INTL-3 (second) input modules
26 signal lights, using ITSL-13 (third) and ITSL-13 (fourth) modules.

Optional configurations:
Only navigation lights input modules (ITNL-10 or ITNL-3 or both).
Only signal light modules (ITSL-13 or ITSL-7 or both).
Any combination of above mentioned configurations.


Alarm output
2 pcs of voltage-free C. O. contacts, 2SOV ACI l A, for broken light's circuit alarm, power/system failure alarm, and supply change-over alarm.

Bulb’s power range

4-120W, flashing lights are allowed

Lights turn on/off in case of emergency
Slide switches mounted on input modules, connect 230V AC direct to bulbs, fuses remind in circuit

Communication between modules
RS485, ITNL input modules have fix addresses, ITSL modules’ addresses are defined by M1 link: inserted – third input module (first signal lights module), not inserted – fourth input module (second signal lights module)

NL90_Input module

NL90 Input Module

NL90_Power supply

NL90 Power Supply

Product detail

NL90_Input module NL90_Power supply

NL90 Main Unit Dimensions


NL90 Input Modules Dimensions


NL90 Power Supply

Measurement drawings

NL90_MD_main_unit_dimensions NL90_MD_input_moduls_dimensions NL90_MD_power_supply



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Touch Screen Navigational Light Controller