Innovative watertight LED luminaire
5-year-warranty ta-25 ta45 ip66-67 LED
TL50 2200 GL - 2 Glands

TL50 2200lm


The innovative LED outdoor lighting fixtures are applicable for a wide range of different areas, e.g. workshops, stores, passage ways etc.
They are designed to meet maritime requirements and to save energy and maintenance cost due to extreme long lifetime.
The combination of material and design assures a excellent heat management and therefor a long lifetime.


Mounted to the ceiling or cable trays by: screws, different screwed mounting brackets, shock mounts or triangles are available. Mounting distace adjustable


Connection box with cable entry 2xM25x1.5 polyamide D7-17mm and blind plugs 2xM25x1.5 polyamide Terminal 3-pole/4 mm²


Flexible wiring heat resistant up to 105°C Versions for emergency with 3 hours battery backup (Ta40°C) available


Seawater resistant, galvanized aluminium housing


Designed in two length with 2200 or 4500 lumen output from the fixture, Led's are covered by opalic polycarbonate diffuser


For areas like car decks, open decks, and other demanding applications such as extreme weather conditions at sea


According to rules of maritime classification societies, additional VDE and IEC/EN

Ambient Temperature

Operation from -25ºC up to +45ºC in standard version


Grey anodized
Mounting bracket, cranked and screwed

Mounting bracket cranked, Stainless Steel

Mounting bracket cranked, Stainless Steel, mounting distance adjustable
Triangle mounting, screwed

Triangle mounting

Triangle mounting, mounting distance adjustable
Mounting with ring bolts M8

Mounting with ring bolt M8

Ring bolt M8, mounting distance adjustable
Vibration mount attachment

Mounting with shock absorber

Mounting with shock absorber, mounting distance adjustable
Mounting bolt and nut/threaded plate

Mounting with M8 treaded rod

Mounting with M8 treaded rod, mounting distance adjustable
Pipe mounting_Detail 2

Pipe mounting

Mounting with pipe clamp, mounting distance adjustable

Product detail

Mounting bracket, cranked and screwed Triangle mounting, screwed Mounting with ring bolts M8 Vibration mount attachment Mounting bolt and nut/threaded plate Pipe mounting_Detail 2
TL50 2200 GL 2xM25

TL50 2200lm GL 2 x M25

Further drawings see on item level
TL50 2200 840

TL50 2200lm

TL50 4500_840

TL50 4500lm

TL50 2200 GL 2xM25

TL50 2200lm GL 2 x M25

Further drawings see on item level

Light measurement drawings

TL50 2200 840 TL50 4500_840

Measurement drawings

TL50 2200 GL 2xM25

Explosion drawings

TL50 2200 GL 2xM25

Baltic Workboats Shipyard


Baltic Workboats Shipyard in Estonia is known for its series of sturdy workboats, such as pilot boats,  patrol boats, ferries and special purpose ships. In recent years, the lighting schemes for these purpose-built vessels have been provided by Glamox.

“The main reason we use Glamox is because of the good price and performance ratio.“ Says Baltic Workboats Sales Manager Edgar Peganov.

The portfolio of newbuildings with lighting schemes from Glamox includes several research vessels and pilot boats, patrol boats , road extension ferries, tugs and other workboats.

Baltic Workboats vast, state-of-the-art 5,500 square meter shipyard facilities are located in the Baltic Sea on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia, which is renowned for its shipbuilding heritage for hundreds of years in Europe. At Baltic Workboats, they have brought shipbuilding into the 21st Century with a major modernization programme, complete with considerable new investments in facilities, equipment and skills.

Baltic Workboats is known for its quality designs and innovative use of a wave-piercing hull concept that reduces vibration and saves fuel.

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