Innovative watertight LED luminaire
5-year-warranty ta55 ta-35 ip66-67 GL_DNV LED

TL60 LED 4500


TL60 LED 2200


The innovative LED outdoor lighting fixtures are applicable for a wide range of different areas, e.g. workshops, engine rooms, stores, passage ways etc.
They are designed to meet maritime requirements and to save energy and maintenance cost due to extreme long lifetime.
The combination of material and design assures a excellent heat management and therefor a long lifetime.


Mounted to the ceiling or cable trays by: screws, different screwed or welded mounting brackets, shock mounts or triangles are available. Mounting distance adjustable.


High quality driver and high end Led's for a long lifetime, battery backup for emergency and dimmable versions are available.


Seawater resistant, galvanized aluminium housing


Designed in two length with 2200 or 4500 lumen output from the fixture, Led's are covered by opalic polycarbonate diffuser.


For areas like car decks, open decks, engine rooms and other demanding applications such as extreme weather conditions at sea


According to rules of maritime classification societies, additional VDE and IEC/EN


Germanischer Lloyd approved

Ambient Temperature

Operation from -35ºC up to +55ºC in standard version


Grey anodized 


Connection box with cable entry 2xM25x1.5 polyamide D7-17mm and blind plugs 2xM25x1.5 polyamide Terminal 3-pole/6 mm²



Mounting bracket cranked, Stainless Steel

Mounting bracket cranked, Stainless Steel, mounting distance adjustable
TL60 Ey bolt mounting

Mounting with ring bolt M8, Stainless Steel

Mounting with ring bolt M8, Stainless Steel, mounting distance adjustable

Mounting with shock absorber

mounting with shock absorber, mounting distance adjustable

Triangle mounting

Triangle mounting, mounting distance adjustable

Connection box

Push in terminals 6mm²

Mounting with M8 treaded rod

Mounting with M8 treaded rod, mounting distance adjustable
TL60 TX61 Pipe mounting

Pipe mounting

Mounting with pipe clamp, mounting distance adjustable

click in moaunting

Brackets for snap in, distance between the brackets adjustable to fit existing mounting holes

End bracket


End bracket connection box

Product detail

TL60_VG02 TL60 Ey bolt mounting TL60_VG18 TL60_VG72 TL60-Connection TL60_VG75 TL60 TX61 Pipe mounting TL60_TX60_TX61_Hook-over GL-holder GL-holder-Connection-box
TL60 2200 GL

TL60 LED 2200

TL60 4500 GL

TL60 LED 4500

Measurement drawings

TL60 2200 GL TL60 4500 GL

Höegh Target


Höegh Target is owned by Norwegain Höegh Autoliners. It is 199,9 m long, has a capacity of 8,500 CEU (car equivalent units) and has 14 cargo decks, in all 71,400 square metres of deck space, wich is the size of 10 fotball pitches.

All in total of six ships has the New Horizon design that truly represents state of the art engineering. They are estimated to emit 50% less CO2 per car transported than a standard car carrier.

TL60 Slim design for demanding applications
Höegh Autoliners has chosen TL60, an unique high quality waterproof LED luminaries. Glamox delivers 300 TL60 fixtures per vessel to the machinery rooms. Exterior flood lights and interior lights in the hotel part of the ship are also of LED type.

DL60 downlights and FL60 floodlights
The rest of the ship is equipped with DL60 in cabins and corridors and MIR outdoors and on the car deck where the operating hours are limited because lights are not on around the clock. On the car decks lights are in use when loading and unloading, and to a limited extent also during the voyage.  FL60 LED floodlights and DLT RS(M) LED are used for technical indoor purposes.

Investment calculation
The Glamox investments calculator was used to fine-tune the results. This gave a good basis for choosing LED in their project. We are pleased to be the selected supplier based on good quality and service. The right choice for the world's biggest car carrier.
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LED upgrade of Norled passenger ferries


All three ferries are gas powered. In addition, they can use marine diesel and a combination thereof. The ferries are equipped with low emission engines and by choosing state of the art LED lighting from Glamox Norled has taken another step to reduce its climate footprint.

“The replacement of conventional lighting to LEDs has several positive outcomes; reduced maintenance costs, lower power consumption and better light output on board”, says Sindre Stølan, Area sales manager at Glamox International.

Lighting control

The solution from Glamox includes lighting control systems in the passenger area. This is another way to save energy, because the control system will adjust the artificial lighting to balance the natural light from the large windows on these passenger ferries. 

List of products:
-AL60 Cabin

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F/T Holmøy


F/T Holmøy is equipped with a complete state-of the art LED lighting scheme from Glamox Aqua Signal. Installed products include TL60 watertight LED luminaires, FL60 LED floodlihgs, MIR LED, 1076, Norselight XS1000 R60 searchlights, Series 65 LED Arctic navigation lights, and more.

About Holmøy Maritime
Holmøy Maritime AS is a company in the family-owned Holmøy group. The company’s main activities involve operating three trawlers: F/T Prestfjord, F/T Sunderøy and F/T Holmøy. Eidsfjord Sjøfarm AS is a salmon producer located in 6 different municipalities in the Norwegian counties of Nordland and Troms. It produces 16,000 tons of salmon and 17,000 tons of white fish each year. This is sold through their own sales company, Prestfjord Seafood AS.

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Lighting for Bastø Fosen car ferries


The new ferries - built by CEMRE Shipard in Altinova/Turkey - are owned and operated by the shipping company Bastø Fosen and can carry 200 cars and between 24-30 trailers. The vessels are equipped with energy efficient diesel engines. Bastø Fosen’s own calculations show that the NOx emission will be reduced with more than 80 percent compared to existing ferries. In addition, a newly developed, energy efficient hull will reduce the fuel consumption with 25-30 percent compared to today’s vessels.

The lighting solution from Glamox comprises high quality LED luminaires that will help reducing the carbon footprint even further. The watertight TL60 luminaires are used on the car deck and in other areas that are exposed to the elements. DL60 downlights serve as interior lighting throughout the vessel. To read more about the lighting solution, please see the overview of featured products to the right.  View reference

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