Innovative zone 1 LED luminaire
ta55 Ta-50 ip66-67 atex IECEx LED Ex_e zone-1 5-year-warranty
TX60 2200 AS

TX60 2200 AS

TX60 4500 HFE AS

TX60 4500 HFE AS

TX60 2200 GL

TX60 2200 GL

TX60 2200 GL backside

TX60 2200 GL backside

TX60 4500 HFE AS backside

TX60 4500 HFE AS backside

TX60 2200 AS backside

TX60 2200 AS backside



Glamox sets a new standard for reduced cost of ownership with-in the oil & gas industry with TX60 LED for Ex zone 1 applications. Its design is perfect for use in harsh areas, with an impressive temperature range down to -50°C up to +55°C.

TX60 LED can be used as a direct replacement for the T8 fluorescent fitting. No new lighting calculations are needed. The mounting fixings can easily replace most T8 hazardous fittings on the market due to the flexible design.

The advanced IC driver technology is class leading and offer 100 000 hrs at +45C with no system lifetime limitations. The fixture has an impressive temperature range from as low as -50C up to +55C.
TX60 LED will ensure a safe and high visual working environment for personnel due to its high quality colour rendering.


Mounted to the ceiling or cable trays by screws.
Different screwed mounting brackets, shock mounts or triangles are available.


Connection box with 2 certified cable glands M25 polyamide D7-17mm and blind plugs M25 polyamide.
Versions with through wiring with 2 connection boxes, one each end.
Terminals for 6 mm² core diameter


High quality IC driver without inrush current.
Flexible wiring heat resistant up to 105°C.
Versions with through wiring and emergency are available.


Seawater resistant, anodized aluminium housing with external earthing


Designed in two length with 2200 or 4500 lumen output from the fixture, Led's are covered by soft opalic polycarbonate diffuser.


ES = Earthing sheet inside Junction box
EO = Exernal Potential Conductor outside
ET = Earthing tag inside Junction box


For all zone 1 and zone 2 areas in onshore and offshore demanding applications.


According to rules of maritime classification societies, additional VDE and IEC/EN

Ambient Temperature

Operation from -50ºC* up to +55ºC
Emergency version is charging and discharging down to -40°C with 1.5h or 3h emergency duration

* The luminaire with big connection box (emergency and TW) has to be installed corresponding to the low risk of mechanical danger for category 2


Grey anodized

Push in terminal

Mounting bracket, cranked and screwed

Mounting bracket cranked, Stainless steel

Mounting bracket cranked, Stainless Steel, mounting distance adjustable
Mounting with ring bolts M8

Mounting with ring bold M8, Stainless steel

Mounting with ring bolt M8, Stainless Steel, mounting distance adjustable
Vibration mount attachment

mounting with shock absorber

Mounting with shock absorber, mounting distance adjustable
Traingle mounting, screwed

Triangle mounting

Triangle mounting, mounting distance adjustable
Mounting bolt and nut/threaded plate

Mounting with M8 treaded rod

Mounting with M8 treaded rod, mounting distance adjustable
Pipe mounting

Pipe mounting

Mounting with pipe clamp, mounting distance adjustable

Product detail

wago-2006-1301 Mounting bracket, cranked and screwed Mounting with ring bolts M8 Vibration mount attachment Traingle mounting, screwed Mounting bolt and nut/threaded plate Pipe mounting
TX60 C.box End-cap GL

Example for TX60 with End-cap and Connection box and GL-brackets


Example for TX60 with Through wiring (TW) and with GL-brackets


Example for TX60 with battery backup (HFE) and GL-brackets


Example for TX60 with battery backup (HFE) and AS-brackets


Example for TX60 with Through wiring (TW) and AS-brackets

TX60 4500 850

Example for TX60 4500 GL

TX60 2200lm

Example for TX60 2200 GL

Light measurement drawings

TX60 4500 850 TX60 2200lm

Measurement drawings

TX60 C.box End-cap GL TX60 TW GL TX60 HFE GL TX60 HFE AS TX60 TW AS

LED upgrade of Norled passenger ferries


All three ferries are gas powered. In addition, they can use marine diesel and a combination thereof. The ferries are equipped with low emission engines and by choosing state of the art LED lighting from Glamox Norled has taken another step to reduce its climate footprint.

“The replacement of conventional lighting to LEDs has several positive outcomes; reduced maintenance costs, lower power consumption and better light output on board”, says Sindre Stølan, Area sales manager at Glamox International.

Lighting control

The solution from Glamox includes lighting control systems in the passenger area. This is another way to save energy, because the control system will adjust the artificial lighting to balance the natural light from the large windows on these passenger ferries. 

List of products:
-AL60 Cabin

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Martin Linge FSO


The former shuttle tanker Hanne Knutsen has been through a major conversion and is now operating on the Martin Linge oil field in the North Sea as a Floating Storage and Offloading vessel (FSO). A crew of 17 people will work in a three-step scheme that creates over 50 jobs at the FSO while its’s in operation. 

Lighting is of key importance to the crew on board the FSO. Glamox have supplied a high-quality lighting solution to the vessel. The package consists of EX lighting such as floodlights (FX60), technical lighting (TX60) as well as interior light and searchlights. 

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Johan Sverdrup - The living quarter


Offshore living quarters are often referred to as a “hotel”. The Johan Sverdrup hotel includes 450 cabins with connected bathrooms, a large industrial kitchen that serves meals x times a day, social areas and exercise facilities. Glamox has supplied lighting for all these areas, in addition to corridors, stairwells, technical rooms and exterior.
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