Commercial Marine: fishing vessel "Carica"

The new FL40 LED Floodlight is installed on the vessel “Carica” (engl. empress) from the leading tuna fishing company in Croatia, Jadran Tuna.

FL40 is now illuminating the environment of “Carica” and helps to save energy. One FL40 LED Floodlight (99 Watt) replaces two 500 Watt metal halide floodlights. Jadran Tuna has a shipping fleet of 13 fishing vessels. These fishing ships have a double part: they fish for tuna during tuna fishing season, while they fish for small bluefish species for the remaining of the season.
The captain as well as the ship owner said that they improved fishing efficiency with FL40. Also, there is another big advantage – LED Floodlights start immediately while metal halide lamps take time to start which can lead to loss in catch. Glamox is proud of such a success of the latest high quality LED technology.


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