Glamox is a global provider of lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications, on land and at sea. Our products and solutions are designed to meet the requirements of most marine and energy segments.
Commercial marine
Commercial marine vessels can be found wherever there is water, and play a crucial role in world trade. We have been delivering top-of-the-line marine lighting solutions since before the age of electricity, providing lighting products designed and manufactured to meet all relevant standards for quality and performance at sea.

Cruise & Ferry
Cruise vessels are passenger ships used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship's amenities are a part of the experience. Transportation may not be the prime purpose, although many modern ferries are equipped like cruise liners. Elegant surroundings and the use of excellent lighting solutions enhance the experience.

Navy & Coast Guard
Glamox can offer a complete and comprehensive product portfolio to the Global Naval markets including navigation lights, floodlights, searchlights, interior and exterior technical lighting, explosion-proof luminaries, integrated system solutions for surface ships and submarines and Helicopter Visual Landing Aid systems and perimeter lighting.

Offshore Energy
Offshore drilling operations take place from many different types of facilities, including founded and floating platforms, semi-submersibles and drill ships. The wide assortment of Glamox products is of superior technical quality, and available for a wide range of applications – including challenging environments.

Onshore Energy and Petrochemical Industry
Safety and vigilance are key words in the oil and gas industry. We bring lessons learned from the offshore industry to onshore energy installations. Clever lighting solutions are needed for huge and complex petrochemical plants, refineries and other onshore facilities.

Recreational Boats
At Glamox, we share the joys of recreational boating by providing lighting solutions for sailing and motor boats, yachts and other pleasure craft. We contribute to safety and security at sea by providing quality lighting systems that work reliably even under the most extreme conditions.