Proper tools get the job done!

Glamox offers a number of tools that will make it easy to find the correct products and solutions for your project.
All of our tools have been developed in order to work together in an optimal way. Our most important tool is, naturally, our web site. The web site offers, among other things, a complete overview over every possible variant of every single product in our product portfolio.

You can find out more about the other tools in our “toolbox” on these web pages:

My Collection
Combine different product sheets from our website and make your own PDF with your own comments. Everything is ready to be sent with a nice cover, preferably with your own company logo included.

Investment analysis calculator

Our investment analysis calculator calculates the repayment time when you invest in an LED installation versus an installation with conventional light sources.

OptiWin 3D Pro
OptiWin 3D Pro is the Glamox lighting calculation program. We offer this sophisticated tool free of charge to our customers and partners.

Glamox Plug-in for PDMS
Lighting calculations and recalculations are time-consuming operations. Glamox Plug-in PRO for AVEVA PDMS™ utilizes available 3D models and makes lighting design much quicker – and more accurate.


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Free of charge
We offer all of these tools free of charge to our customers and partners.