A commercial vessel has different application areas, e.g. the engine room, the bridge, the open deck or the cabin. Each part of the vessel has its own technical challenges and expectations towards the illumination. An outdoor luminaire needs a higher water-resistance than an interior light, a high vibration-resistance is required in an engine room and a dimmable light is suitable for social areas.

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A cruise vessel offers the wide varaity of vacation for its passengers: comfort, wellness, elegant dining, entertainment, sports, shopping and much more. It is important that an effective lighting system enables them to enjoy their various activities. But also safety and best working conditions for the crew has to be covered by light.

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To keep operations at a refinery at the highest performance, it’s vital to update equipment and invest in efficient solutions. Glamox is pleased to present a short solution guide which will assist refiners replace aging equipment to enhance performance, reduce maintenance costs and improve return of investments. Information to follow

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Wind industry is fastest growing industries globally with 15%-20% growth pr annum. International oil companies are “switching gear” and adding wind energy to their portfolio. Extreme environmental conditions such as high wind speed, seawater and vibrations requires lighting solutions with mechanical strength. Robust housing and correct material is important to ensure robustness and durability. Glamox has supplied several wind farms over the last years. We recommend high quality LED lighting solutions that meet all weather conditions for offshore wind farms. Information to follow

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Beside the Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems this product range offers comprehensive, on system level engineered LED lighting solutions for all marine requests – especially for the technically challenging illumination of submarine (ASLS) and surface (ANLS) naval ship interiors.

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