Team players ready for a challenge and eager to learn!

We believe that light matters and that it has the potential to improve people’s performance and wellbeing. On our journey towards the development of world-leading and sustainable lighting solutions, our team is the most critical factor for our success. Maybe this could be your next adventure?
We’re dedicated to cultivating a noble purpose for every team member to understand and engage in. In general, we are inspired to perform rather than instructed to act.

We seek for every team member to become the best version of themselves through their individual capabilities. We are all unique, and we should be coached, not managed.

To create confidence in our product solutions, as a technology team, we seek to deeply understand the user’s reality. Only then will we be able to innovate and link technology with user needs. As a result, we will provide solutions which we honestly believe will benefit our customers and users the most.

All people have unique potential. When we become more aware of our unique talents and blind spots and have the courage to grow and change, it will lead to greater personal satisfaction. When we do so, we will improve as team players and become more successful.

These are some of my thoughts on how we can continue to build a winning technology team. If you are inspired by this, then maybe you could become one of us? Please check out the list showing some of the new positions we are looking to fill and submit your application to Explain what you see as your contribution and why you would be a good match for our team.

David Fink
Technology Director
Glamox Marine & Offshore


Featured careers
With location in Ålesund, Norway

Please check out the list of the new positions we are looking to fill, and submit your application to Explain what you see as your contribution and why you would be a good match for our team.

Software Developer
Become a part of a team where you will develop firmware and software that makes it possible to use lighting controls with ease, creating increased value for customers and users.

Industrial Designer
Be a part of the development of existing and new smart product concepts. Help devise products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, and create substantial value for the customer.

Legal Compliance and Documentation Associate
Become an expert on relevant national and global documentation requirements for luminaires and electronics. Do your part in keeping the team up-to-date on all relevant standards, norms and regulations. You will work in close cooperation with product development and maintenance to support efficient production and maintain the proper documentation.

R&D Project Manager
A position where you can combine your passion for management and technology. Get the most out of every team member’s involvement in each project and contribute to the efficiency of the process by encouraging your team to reach milestones and complete projects on time.

Product Development Manager
You will lead and coordinate resources in the product development department. Use your strengths to understand the general technical and commercial aspects of your work for the purpose of building solid strategical progress together with motivated team players. You will get the opportunity to act on important decisions and contribute to the efficient completion of priorities. This will allow you to set the right direction for your team’s activities in order to create a high output of winning products and solutions that are in line with our vision and strategic goals.

Electronics Developer
Utilize your interests and knowledge to develop, test and implement projects. Combined with internal and external resources, your competences will allow you to design easy-to-use, smart electronics that will perform reliably, and can be controlled and monitored in a scaled-up system.

Automation Developer
If you thrive while working to find smart solutions for product development and solving challenges related to commissioning and operation, then this is the job for you. You will help create smart and easy-to-use lighting solutions that work seamlessly in demanding marine and offshore applications. Your skills will also contribute to making the integration, controls and monitoring easy for customers and users.

Mechanics Developer
Use your creative skills and interests in various materials to draw, prototype and test world-leading and robust luminaires that thrive in a marine environment and are highly valued by customers and users. Apply if you enjoy adapting quality products to make them even smarter and more suitable for efficient production and easy installation.