BIM files

Glamox Luxo Lighting can provide BIM objects representing a great number of our luminaires in RFA format for Autodesk Revit. These files are used by consultants, architects, entrepreneurs and many others who work with building information modeling in Autodesk Revit.
Why BIM?
BIM (Building Information Modeling) integrates many objects in an electronic format. It is easy to identify errors at an early stage, for example by clash detection. Control can be carried out in the software before the building starts. BIM is an intelligent system that collects large amounts of information in a collective model.

Effective and easily accessible
As of today there are 14,000 BIM files available from Glamox Luxo Lighting, and these are continuously updated. The files can be downloaded from our web site. Find the BIM files by searching for a product family and download them from there. You can also search for the exact item number/luminaire variant you need the BIM file for. See the illustrations below.

Download from a product family page:


Download from an article page:



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