Is your device able to talk to my device? This can be a tricky question when planning a control system. This is however an important question if you want to offer absolute connectivity between the different technical installations. Our philosophy is always to use standardized protocols if available. This means that most of our systems can be connected to other systems if they are based on the same standard or if a gateway exists. 
The main standard for the light industry today is DALI. Today the DALI standard covers all communication to and from LED drivers, ballast for fluorescent lamps, low voltage halogen transformers and emergency lights.  However the DALI standard we know today does not cover communication from control devices like sensors, control panels, remote controls and similar. This is therefore dealt with slightly different from one supplier to the next.

DALI has become a more complete standard after the introduction of DALI 2. DALI 2 is all about control devices and the standardization of commands from, for example a Presence sensor. When these commands are standardized it makes them very easy to read and translate for the Building Management System and then we can get absolute connectivity between all the technical installations. Unfortunately there are still some organizational challenges to solve before DALI 2 become a commodity in the market. If you have questions around connectivity to your BMS system, please contact our technical department.


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