Explanation of Symbols

Symbol Explanation
  IP class
IP classification (Ingress Protection) demonstrates a light fitting’s ability to withstand water and foreign objects. The first digit indicates resistance to solid foreign matter and dust, and the second digit the resistance to water.


The CE label means that the manufacturer or importer guarantees that the product conforms to the European requirements. The product comes with a Declaration of Conformity that states which standards the product has been tested to. CE labelling is not in itself a guarantee of quality, but explains which minimum demands have been met. Most Glamox products have third party certification, which means that an independent body has tested the products in accordance with the current product standards.
Common European certifi cation label. Safety certification of lighting equipment in accordance with European norms.
d_insulated Double insulated
Class II fi ttings are built in such a way that exposed metal parts cannot be exposed to electrical current. This can either happen with reinforced or double insulation.
EX Ex Classification
All Ex products must be certified by a verified third party. Certification is carried out in accordance with the relevant European regulations. Explosion proof areas are divided into 3 different zones: Equipment for zone 1 should be certified by an accredited third party. Equipment for zone 2 can be CE labelled by the producer, in accordance with the ATEX directive.
n_Nemko Nemko
Norwegian certification symbol.
bws_mark Ball test
Lighting for sport and athletics halls is tested for resistance to balls in accordance with DIN 57 710 part 13.
f-mark F
Luminaires accepted for mounting on a flammable base.
f-mark-crossed F with a cross
Luminaires NOT accepted for mounting on a flammable base.
Ta-40 Ta
Luminaires which vary from the standard surroundings temperature of 25°C.
ik05 IK
States resistance to external mechanical forces.