Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Human Centric Lighting solutions contains tuneable white luminaires and advanced light management systems that adjust the colour temperature and light intensity according to peoples’ biological, physiological and psychological needs. The effects are adjusted daily rhythms and increased alertness. These solutions require careful control of the light source’s colour spectrum, intensity, exposure time and duration.
By controlling the production of the sleeping hormone “Melatonin” using artificial lighting we can adjust human’s daily rhythms in areas with less access to daylight. In order to do this we need to control both the level of light, timing and the colour spectrume.

Glamox offers two different concepts for achieving this effect.

On our Plus solution we mix LED`s with two different colour temperatures: –warm white and cool white. By controlling the intensity level of each of them we can change the colour temperature between the minimum and maximum level. We use a DALI DT8 driver which is calibrated to the LED module. This is of great importance for achieving  a uniform colour temperature in all luminaires and a uniform colour shift. In order to keep the colour tolerance as good as possible (< 3 MacAdam steps), the colour temperature ranges from 3000 to 6000 kelvin.

It is also possible to control this system by using two impulse switches, one for setting the light level and one for color temperature. Then automatic cycle change is not possible. 

On our Premium solution we mix red, green-white and Blue LED`s. This solution gives a wide range of color temperature from 2500 kelvin – 6500 kelvin, with a high colour tolerance (< 3 MacAdam steps). It is also possible to illuminate with RGB colors. By adding a red LEDs to the mix we are able to provide extremely good colour rendering in the red area where standard white LED`s are not that strong. The Ra is always above 90 (typically 95) and the lumen output is consistent over the whole colour temperature range. The driver can be controlled by a DALI DT8 or a DMX control unit. Also here the driver is calibrated towards the LED module. 


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