Mounting options

Our task lights are either clamped to the edge of the desk with a bracket, or mounted in a purpose-made table base which forms part of the design of the product.
Most of our task lights may also be mounted in brackets which have been inserted into the surface of the desk.

Wall mounting
Some of our task lights are suitable – or even made – for wall mounting. They are either attached to the wall with a bracket, or inserted into a cross-rail system with a panel mount.

Universal vs. purpose-made brackets

Some of our task lights can only be mounted with purpose-made clamps and brackets. Others are designed to work with our generic (universal) brackets and mounts. Our most popular generic brackets are the TE table bushing, the CC surface mounted bracket, the B wall bracket and the Universal rail mount, which will fit most cross-rail systems on the market.

Download a complete guide to our mounting options:


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