Multiple Group

A flexible and versatile system that allows you to control multiple groups of luminaires.

This is an ideal solution for one or several rooms where you want to divide the luminaires into separate groups. A Multiple Group system from Glamox comprise programmable solutions that allows you to easily adjust the lighting according to the needs of the end users. Typical applications include large meeting rooms where you want the possibility to change between lighting scenarios, classrooms, office landscapes, warehouses etc.

Our solutions

Today DALI is the most common used digital protocol for light. The DALI protocol is set out in the technical standard IEC 62386. DALI is a low speed communication bus using standard installation cable as media. The most important limitations for a DALI-bus are: Max. 64 addresses, Max 16 groups, Max 16 scenes, Max 250mA and Max 300m cable length.

Glamox DALI

Glamox DALI components make extensive control and operation sequences possible. Glamox DALI contains of a full range of DALI control devices like switch panels, touch panels, real time clock, sequencers, Relay modules and sensors. If you need a DALI network to control more than 64 devices Glamox DALI offers DALI expanders with broadcast communication with another 64 luminaires or DALI repeaters that amplifies the command so that you can extend the 300m cable length limitation.

All devices can be programmed by using the Cockpit software that are to be found on our web under Download and tools. All devices are following the DALI standard and are now in the progress of being DALI 2 certified. If you need a system that can control more than 64 unique addresses within the same system configuration Glamox DALI can offer DALI 4Net. A TCP-IP based interface where several DALI subnets can be controlled and monitored. On DAL 4Net you also get functionalities like cross line control functions, Emergency monitoring, real time clock and scheduler.