Research shows positive effects of bright light on night shift workers

A study carried out by researchers from the University of Bergen and Haukeland University Hospital in Norway, indicates that bright light improves performance and alertness, reduces sleepiness and has the potential to lessen the risk of accidents and injuries.

Researchers recommend light without blue wavelengths for bipolar patients

Following an extensive review of the research on chronotherapy, an international group of 27 researchers are now recommending so called “dark therapy” for patients with bipolar disorders. Glamox has developed lighting solutions that can be used to create an artificial darkness that allows the patients to see and carry out normal activities.

Postponement: Light + Building fair

Regrettably, due to the Corona virus situation, the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt has been postponed until the second half of September 2020. Glamox is currently assessing whether to take part in the fair in September. 

International lighting design award to the ‘Tønsberg project’

Glamox congratulates Multiconsult and Vestfold Hospital with the LIT Lighting Design Award which was granted to the ‘Tønsberg project’ for the way it uses and “recreates” natural light. Glamox is proud supplier of Human Centric Lighting to the project.

Smart lighting solution reduces car park energy consumption with 92 %

Finalebanen car park in Trondheim, Norway is a good example on how a light management system can provide both safe navigation and dramatically reduce energy consumption. 

Glamox has purchased Poland's leading lighting company

Glamox has secured over 98 per cent of shares in the lighting company ES- SYSTEM, the largest lighting company in Poland by turnover.

“The impact of the physical environment on the learning progress of pupils”

Professor Peter Barrett is Emeritus Professor at Salford University’s School of the Built Environment, Honorary Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Department of Education and a strategic consultant in school design. We had a conversation with him about his enlightening research on school design and the important role lighting plays in academic progress.

Glamox seeks to acquire ES-SYSTEM S.A.

Oslo (Norway) / Cracow (Poland), 14 October 2019 - Glamox has today announced a public cash tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares in the Polish lighting solution provider ES-SYSTEM.

Glamox launches new interior luminaire

Glamox is launching C85, a new interior luminaire for recessed and surface mounting. The slogan “enjoy the difference” refers to the unique design with reflector optics that are finely tuned to get the best possible light quality from each LED.

Glamox introduces new cleanroom series

Whether you are looking for luminaires for an operating theatre or a food processing plant our cleanroom products can do the job. The new Cleanroom series from Glamox is certified by Fraunhofer IPA and is well suited for a wide range of applications. 

Glamox strengthens its position in the UK by acquiring Luxonic Lighting

Oslo (Norway) / Hampshire (England), 30 April 2019 - Glamox is pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement and successfully closed the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Luxonic Group Ltd. (“Luxonic Lighting”) and its subsidiaries.

Introducing new C90 family members

When creating the products in the C90 family our designers have succeeded in combining superb light quality with a sophisticated exterior. Glamox is now launching C90-P and C90-S, a range of pendent and surface mounted luminaires characterized by superior light quality and a bold design. Both products are a part of the popular C90 family.

Introducing C95 Circle

The first products in the Glamox C95 family were launched in 2016. In only a short time they became some of our most popular products. We’re not surprised, the discreet design, slim profile and fully illuminated surfaces make these products easy to like. 

Inspiration, information, illumination

Glamox’ main catalogue for 2019 is now ready. We hope this year’s lux&lumen will provide inspiration, useful product information and be a source of information on the topic of lighting.

The indispensable desk lamp

According to Jan Glenvig, Chief Consultant at ArbejdsmiljøCentret, it's a mistake to get rid of task lights in the workplace.

Louvre – the optic that can’t be outshined

Already in the 80s Glamox discovered the unrivalled qualities of louvre optic. Today Glamox works with several different types of optics, but the light quality offered by louvres is still hard to match.

Reduces annual energy consumption equivalent to 55 residential buildings with new lighting

New LED luminaires, sensors and wireless control reduce the power consumption of the Norwegian company Spenncon with more than 1 GWh per year. This corresponds to the total energy consumption of 55 residential buildings*.

You Define. We connect.

With a Light Management System from Glamox you get a complete lighting solution. You define what you need, and we connect lighting solutions based on your requirements.