Product Text Explanations

On this page, you will find the explanation of the Glamox naming structure for our standard products.
Architectural A Decorative
Downlight D Downlight
Spotlight S Spotlight
Commercial C Interior
Industrial i Industrial
Outdoor O Outdoors
Emergency E Emergency
Recessed R The luminaire is flush to the ceiling
Surface S Surface mounting
Pendant P hanging or pendular
Wall W Wall mounting
Table T Table lamp
Floor F Floor lamp
Size (e.g) 600x600 Width x length in mm
Light distribution (e.g) 20/80 Light distribution up / down
Colour WH White
GR Grey
BL Black
CH Chrome
Type of material Z AluZink
S Stainless steel
 Generation (e.g)G2Version number, if family is renewed
Light source LED LED light source
Lumen out LED (e.g) 4000 Rounded lumen out of luminaire
Ballast HF Electronic (High Frequency)
DALI DALI ballast
D2W Dim to Warm
Light source code (e.g) 830 Color rendering index 80, 3000 Kelvin
940 Color rendering index 90, 4000 Kelvin
CCT Correlated color temperature (tunable white)
CCT/RGB Correlated color temperature (tunable white), RGB adjustable
Sensor LMS CHW-SEN Central monitoring, HPIR (High bay), Wireless
CMW-SEN Central monitoring, Microwave, Wireless
MPP-SEN Multiple group, PIR+CLS, Power supply
MPS-SEN Multiple group, PIR, Slave
SMA-SEN Single group, Microwave, stand Alone
SMC-SEN Single group, Microwave, Corridor function
SMM-SEN Single group, Microwave, Master
SMR-SEN Single group, Microwave, Relay
SMW-SEN Single group, Microwave, Wireless
SPC-SEN Single group, PIR, Corridor function
SPR-SEN Single group, PIR, Relay
STA-SEN Single group, Twilight, stand Alone
Emergency (e.g) E3/S Standard 3 hour emergency lighting
E3/ST Self Test 3 hours emergency lighting
E3/DALI DALI 3 hours emergency
E3L LED emergency diode, 3 hours
Z Luminaires for centralised emergency unit
Switch CS Cord Switch
CS3 3 stage Cord switch
CSD Cord Switch for Dimming
SD Impuls Switch for Dimming
Connection C2 2 m Cable without plug
CP2 2 m Cable and Plug
LI Linect
Suspension MNT Suspension packed with luminaire
PRE PRE-mounted suspension
Louver SL/SU SoftLight
DL/DU DarkLight
ML Micro Lamella
Optic CL Clear diffuser
OP Opal diffuser
OPA Opal diffuser asymmetric
OD Opal Drop out diffuser
MP Microprismatic diffuser
GL Glass
CI/MP Circular Micropristmatic diffuser
CI/OP Circular Opal diffuser
TG Tempered glass
HTG Heat soaked tempered glass
Reflectors/ SI Silver reflector
downlight SM Silver Matt reflector
SF Silver faceted reflector
Reflectors ASY Asymmetric
XA Extreme asymmetric
SYM Symmetric
NB Narrow beam
XNB Extreme narrow beam
MB Medium beam
WB Wide beam
WBA Wide beam asymmetric
XWB Extreme wide beam
SB Shelf beam