Downlight with state of the art LED technology
Item no
Item Description
Stock code
d20_weight_distribution_panel Item no: D70000001
Item Description: D70-R92 WEIGHT DISTR.PL.M600
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145143127
d20_weight_distribution_panel Item no: D70000002
Item Description: D70-R155 WEIGHT DISTR.PL.M600
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145143134
d20_weight_distribution_panel Item no: D70000003
Item Description: D70-R195 WEIGHT DISTR.PL.M600
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145143141
acc_d70-r155_dist-ring_wh Item no: D70514792
Item Description: D70-R155 WHITE DISTANCERING
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145147927
acc_d70-r155_trimring_ch Item no: D70514784
Item Description: D70-R155 CHROME TRIM
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145147842
acc_d70-r92_trimring_wh Item no: D70514789
Item Description: D70-R92 WHITE TRIMRING
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145147897
acc_d70-r92_trimring_ch Item no: D70514787
Item Description: D70-R92 CHROME TRIMRING       
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145147873
acc_d70-r155_trimring_wh Item no: D70514786
Item Description: D70-R155 WHITE TRIM
Stock code: B
Barcode: 4741145147866
d70-r92_ip55_cl_wh Item no: D70000101
Item Description: D70-R92 IP55 CL WH
Stock code: B
Barcode: 4741145157308
d70-r92_ip55_op_wh Item no: D70000102
Item Description: D70-R92 IP55 OP WH
Stock code: B
Barcode: 4741145157315
d70-155_decor_ip55_cl_ch Item no: D70000103
Item Description: D70-R92 IP55 CL CH            
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157322
d70-155_decor_ip55_matt_ch Item no: D70000104
Item Description: D70-R92 IP55 OP CH            
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157339
d70-r155_ip55_cl_wh Item no: D70000105
Item Description: D70-R155 IP55 CL WH
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145157346
d70-r155_ip55_op_wh Item no: D70000106
Item Description: D70-R155 IP55 OP WH
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145157353
d70-155_decor_ip55_cl_ch Item no: D70000107
Item Description: D70-R155 IP55 CL CH           
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157360
d70-155_decor_ip55_op_ch Item no: D70000108
Item Description: D70-R155 IP55 OP CH           
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157377
d70-r195_ip55_cl_wh Item no: D70000109
Item Description: D70-R195 IP55 CL WH
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145157384
d70-r195_ip55_op_wh Item no: D70000110
Item Description: D70-R195 IP55 OP WH
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145157391
d70-155_decor_ip55_cl_ch Item no: D70000111
Item Description: D70-R195 IP55 CL CH           
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157407
d70-155_decor_ip55_op_ch Item no: D70000112
Item Description: D70-R195 IP55 OP CH
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157414
d70_decor_gl_matt_wh Item no: D70000114
Item Description: D70-R155 D GL MATT WH
Stock code: B
Barcode: 4741145157438
d70_decor_gl_matt_ch Item no: D70000115
Item Description: D70-R155 D GL MATT CH         
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157445
d70_decor_gl_matt_ring_wh Item no: D70000116
Item Description: D70-R155 D GL MATT RING WH
Stock code: B
Barcode: 4741145157452
d70_decor_gl_matt_ring_ch Item no: D70000117
Item Description: D70-R155 D GL MATT RING CH    
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157469
d70_decor_gl_icepattern_wh Item no: D70000118
Item Description: D70-R155 D GL ICEPATTERN WH
Stock code: B
Barcode: 4741145157476
d70_decor_gl_icepattern_ch Item no: D70000119
Item Description: D70-R155 D GL ICEPATTERN CH   
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157483
d70-155_decor_gl_matt-center_wh Item no: D70000120
Item Description: D70-R155 D GL MATT CENTER WH
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145157490
d70-155_decor_gl_matt-center_ch Item no: D70000121
Item Description: D70-R155 D GL MATT CENTER CH  
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157506
d70_decor_gl_matt_wh Item no: D70000124
Item Description: D70-R195 D GL MATT WH
Stock code: B
Barcode: 4741145157513
d70_decor_gl_matt_ring_wh Item no: D70000126
Item Description: D70-R195 D GL MATT RING WH
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157537
d70_decor_gl_icepattern_wh Item no: D70000128
Item Description: D70-R195 D GL ICEPATTERN WH
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157551
d70-155_decor_gl_matt-center_wh Item no: D70000130
Item Description: D70-R195 D GL MATT CENTER WH
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145157575
d70-155_refit_ring Item no: D70000132
Item Description: D70-R155 REFIT RING Ø190 RAL9016
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145156356
d70-155_refit_ring Item no: D70000133
Item Description: D70-R195 REFIT RING Ø230 RAL9016
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145156363
d20_module-panel Item no: D70000011
Item Description: D70-R155 CASSET PANEL MODUL100
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145167031
acc_d70-r92_gl_matt_wh Item no: D70000202
Item Description: D70-R92 GL MATT WH            
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162807
acc_d70-r155_gl_clear_wh Item no: D70000203
Item Description: D70-R155 GL CLEAR WH
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162814
acc_d70-r155_gl_matt_wh Item no: D70000204
Item Description: D70-R155 GL MATT WH
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162821
acc_d70-r195_gl_clear_wh Item no: D70000205
Item Description: D70-R195 GL CLEAR WH
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162838
acc_d70-r195_gl-matt_wh Item no: D70000206
Item Description: D70-R195 GL MATT WH
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162845
d70-155_glare-controll Item no: D70000113
Item Description: D70-RF/S155 GLARE CONTROL
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145156592
d70_r155_trimless_main Item no: D70000013
Item Description: D70-R155 TRIMLESS FRAME       
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162487
d70_r155_trimless_main Item no: D70000014
Item Description: D70-R195 TRIMLESS FRAME       
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162494
d70_r155_trimless_cone Item no: D70000015
Item Description: D70-R155 TRIMLESS CONE        
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162708
d70_r155_trimless_cone Item no: D70000016
Item Description: D70-R195 TRIMLESS CONE        
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145162715
Item no: D70000137
Item Description: D70-R195 CHROME TRIM          
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145156646
acc_d70-r92_halo_wh_light Item no: D70000141
Item Description: D70-R92 D HALO WH             
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145174190
acc_d70-r92_halo_ch_light Item no: D70000142
Item Description: D70-R92 D HALO CH             
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145174206
acc_d70-r155_halo_wh_light Item no: D70000143
Item Description: D70-R155 D HALO WH            
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145174213
acc_d70-r155_halo_ch_light Item no: D70000144
Item Description: D70-R155 D HALO CH            
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145174220
acc_d70-r195_halo_wh_light Item no: D70000145
Item Description: D70-R195 D HALO WH            
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145174237
acc_d70-r195_halo_ch_light Item no: D70000146
Item Description: D70-R195 D HALO CH            
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145174244
Item Description: QC CP2 LINECT/SHUCO HVIT
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4055143053471
acc_d70-r155_trimring_bl Item no: D70000306
Item Description: D70-R155 BLACK TRIMRING       
Stock code: B
Barcode: 4741145174558
Item no: D70515642
Item Description: D70-R195 TRIMRING RAL9005 (BL)
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145156424