LED Downlight with Tilt and Turn
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Tilted chrome variant


White trimring and reflector house


The Glamox D70-R108 is a Tilt and Turn downlight. Glamox D70 is a downlight family with state of the art LED technology. Our designers have focused on functionality and efficient heat management that influence the lifetime of the product and provide you with a long lasting and high quality solution.

Tilt and Turn
Adjustable downlight with a diameter of 108 mm and with a 25° tilt and 110° turn. Well suited for use in social areas, corridors, meeting rooms and other applications as a decorative effect for illumination of walls.

The design of D70-R108 is scalable in combination with the rest of D70 family. Selecting a combination of different variants and sizes within the same downlight family provides a uniform look and feel. To make it easy to adapt, the D70-family provides you with a whole range of luminaire sizes and lumen packages.

Light source

LED 700 – LED 1400 Lumen Out 

Light source information:
3000/4000 Kelvin, CRI 80, MacAdams 3.

Lifetime LED: 
Up to 100.000h Ta25.

For precise technical information please see the data sheet on item level. (Use <Find your version> on right side) 


Fixed output (HF), DALI dimmable (100-1%) D70-R108 have variants with DALI with Dim 2 Warm (D2W) light source have dimming from 2700 – 1800 Kelvin. Driver life time up to 100,000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C

Body material & colour

Reflector housing in die-casted aluminium, metallised PC reflector and driver housing in polycarbonate. Housing and trimming in white or chrome finish.


Simple mounting by integral adjustable brackets using the supplied 3mm Allen key/ hexagonal bit


3/5 pole 2,5 mm² push-in terminal block prepared for through wiring. Integrated chord anchorage in luminaire housing, suitable for a range of cable dimensions.


Reflector can be delivered in (MB) Medium beam. Reflector housing with possibilities for 25° tilt.

IP Class

IP20 from upper side.

Side perspective


Chrome tilted


White tilted

Product detail

d70-r108_sm_ch_tilt_1 d70-r108_sm_ch_tilt_2 d70-r108_sm_wh_tilt_2

Product environment

env_d70-r108_corridor env_d70-r108_office-with-flowers

D70-R108 tilt and turn

Measurement drawings


New BMW showroom concept


Automobielbedrijf Jer. de Fonkert is a complete automotive service centre, located in Numansdorp near Rotterdam in South Holland. The family-owned company's decision to invest in a brand new showroom according to the newest BMW dealership guidelines has resulted in an architectonically stunning construction – and created a lot of positive energy for the company and the people who work there.

BMW Future Retail
BMW’s new retail concept is called “Future Retail”, and outlines the car manufacturer’s requirements for BMW dealers. At the core of the new concept is the revised BMW style manual – which includes guidelines for the interiors and exteriors of the dealerships, including a complete architect’s manual for the construction of new showrooms.

The importance of good lighting
A showroom for beautiful cars should be flooded with light. The cars on display should look the same from all angles. There should be no shadows. For this reason, the new Numansdorp showroom is equipped with powerful low-glare downlights of the Glamox D70 LED family, mounted at a height of 6,5 metres.

In the offices and reception area there are matching recessed luminaires of the Luxo Modul LED type, with glare-free microprismatic optics. All luminaires have a colour temperature of 4000K, which provides for a bright, daylight-related ambience that make people and cars look their best. The light levels are adjustable with the use of sensors.

Architects: Bogaerds Architecten
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German Football Museum (DFB)


Let there be no doubt about it - Germany is a football nation!  After three years of planning and construction the new German Football Museum, DFB, was opened in October 2015. The museum is designed by HPP Architects. The football phenomenon and the fascination around it, is impressively staged in the 7000 square metre venue. 

All aspects of football are presented to the audience in a sequential multimedia experience. The luminaires from Glamox is part of this multimedia world. The entrance of the building with its LED facade makes visitors curious about the exhibition inside. Pulsing light guides visitors into the lobby where it changes into a fascinating ball-shaped sculpture. On the outside specially adapted O81 LED spotlights create interesting light effects. Guido Kürten from HPP Architects refers to the accent lighting on the metallic white facade as “Glow”. It reflects the conscious use of light, especially in the evening and at night.

Multipurpose venue
When the visitors reach the basement of the museum, the journey takes them directly into the 700 m2, multipurpose venue with a cafe, a little football pitch and alternating special exhibitions. On one side of the arena the generous windows let in a large amount of daylight. On the opposite side a special version of our pendent LED luminaire Reed, illuminates the walk-in gallery as a light strip installation. Reed has a remarkably slim and elegant aluminium body with attractive details. It illuminates the museum with 40 percent indirect light and 60 percent direct light. A discrete bracket allows for continuous mounting in flexible angles. The line of light run parallel with the impressing black inner wall, creating a simple, well arranged design. The luminaire is easy to install and clean, with a dust protection cover in clear acrylic as a standard. The discrete distribution of luminaires contributes to the diversity of the multipurpose arena which is used for different types of events like press conferences, TV recordings, gala nights and other large celebrations. 

Backstage lighting
The restrooms are located in a circular module with green walls. Here Glamox D70s illuminate every urinal properly so that it’s impossible to miss the target. The spotlights come with the latest LED light sources. Efficient heat management ensures long product life time. 
To work in the home of German football history is a dream come true for many of the museum’s staff members. The luminaires also contributes to correct lighting backstage. In the ceiling of the meeting room, five Modul S luminaires supply suitable lighting. The exiting combination of different sizes raises the ceiling optically. The robust aluminium luminaire body makes a powerful statement in the room. Modul S provides excellent light output, and creates an impression of light coming straight through the ceiling.

From idea to design
After the FIFA World Cup 2016 in Germany, the German Football Association decided to use the profit from the championship to finance a national football museum. Among 14 cities who applied for hosting the museum, the DFB board chose to proceed with Köln, Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund – an area in Nordrhein-Westfalen, the most densely populated county in Germany. 

In the European architectural competition for the German Football Museum, the design by architects Hentrich Petschnigg & Partner was chosen together with two other participants. The City of Dortmund was commissioned by the DFB Foundation for the German Football Museum to host the 2-stage competition with 25 participants. As a place for the history of German football, the new building was to be built in the center of Dortmund, opposite the main railway station and celebrate the joy of football. The museum's cardinal idea is based on the motto "We are soccer", to be the central place for paying tribute to German football. At the same time, the museum is part of the “art and culture mile” in the northern entrée to the city center of Dortmund. 

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