Downlight with state of the art LED technology
Item no
Item Description
Stock code
d70-155_glare-controll Item no: D70000113
Item Description: D70-RF/S155 GLARE CONTROL
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145156592
Item no: D70000024
Item Description: D70-S/P MNT C2,5 3X0,75       
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145218924
Item no: D70000025
Item Description: D70-S/P MNT C2,5 5X0,75       
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145218931
Item no: D70000019
Item Description: D70-S/P MNT C5.0 3X0.75       
Stock code: C
Barcode: 4741145218962
Item no: D70000020
Item Description: D70-S/P MNT C5.0 5X0.75       
Stock code: A
Barcode: 4741145218979