Robust and powerful industrial LED luminaire
Ta-40 ta50 IP66 bws_mark CE d-mark ENEC LED dali ik08-09 silver_reflector mounting_ld_pendant_celing_down-2 mounting_ld_receed_celing-2 mounting_ld_surface_celing-2 mounting_surface_wall_down wireless

i80 NB


i80 XNB


i80 MB


i80 OP


Glamox i80 is a family of IP66 industrial LED luminaires for surface and pendant mounting or in open ceilings by use of a recessing frame. Can be used in ambient temperatures (Ta) from 50°C down to -40°C. 

Efficient and Versatile
Delivers up to 30000 lumen out of the luminaire with a high CRI of 80. The product is designed to light industrial facilities, ware houses, production areas, workshops and cold storages down to Ta -40°C. Also ideal for active use in sports halls with good light and minimum glare.  With its powerful light output, i80 is well suited for use in areas with high ceiling heights and is an energy efficient replacement for discharge lamps. 

Quality materials
The luminaire housing is manufactured in die-cast aluminium with low content of iron and copper. Epoxy/polyester powder coated paint finish. The coating thickness is minimum 60 μm and i80 comply with corrosion class C4. Supplied with medium beam - (MB), narrow beam (NB) and extreme narrow beam (XNB) reflector in silver coated aluminium. Front glass in a heat soak tested tempered glass (HTG) with extra high light transmission or impact resistant clear acrylic (CL) front cover. Opal film (OP) as option.

i80 complying with corrosion class C5 can be delivered on request.

Light source

LED 7000 - 60 000 lumen out
Colour temperature 4000 K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3
On request: 3000 K


Fixed output (HF) or DALI dimmable (10-100%). 
Some variants can be dimmed down to zero (DALI-Z).

Driver life time up to 120.000 h/10 % (max failure) at Ta 25°C.

Body material & colour

Luminaire housing in die-cast aluminium with low content of iron and copper (EN AB-44100). Epoxy/polyester powder coated paint finish. Aluminium grey (RAL 9006). Reflector in silver coated aluminium. Front glass in heat soak tested tempered glass (HTG) or impact resistant clear acrylic (CL) front cover. The type of glass is extra-white and specially coated on both sides to get high light transmission. Opal film (OP) as option. Silicone free gasket. Screws made of acid proof steel.


Ceiling or wall, on luminaire tracks, side by side in cluster, on horizontal wire or pendant. Suspension brackets have to be ordered separately.

i80 LED can also be mounted in open ceilings by use of a recessing frame.


Kit for chain suspension (4m)
Double wire suspension kit (4m)
Bracket for horizontal wire
Ceiling bracket
Cluster bracket
Revolvable bracket
Recessing frame for open ceilings
Wieland female plug IP68
Wieland splitter plug IP68
External wireless sensor box
Ceiling bracket with wireless sensor box
Inrush current limiter


Standard i80 is supplied with pre-assembled 55 cm 3x1.5 mm² rubber cable (H07RN-F) and Wieland IP68 plug RST20i3 for fixed output and 55 cm 5x1.5 mm² rubber cable (H07RN-F) and Wieland IP68 plug RST20i5 for DALI.

A standard i80 and a through wiring (TW) variant have to be connected when mounted in cluster. The TW variant is equipped with two cables and plugs (male and female).


Medium beam - (MB), narrow beam (NB) and extreme narrow beam (XNB) reflector in silver coated aluminium. Opal film (OP).

Suitable for use in swimming pool areas

When using coated acid proof steel suspension brackets, i80 can be used in swimming pool areas where the requirements for corrosion class up to C4 apply.

Cooling ribs




Ceiling bracket


Revolvable bracket


Bracket for cluster


Bracket for horizontal wire

Product detail

i80_cooling-ribs i80_cpw i80_ceiling-bracket i80_revolvable-bracket i80_cluster i80_bracket_horizontal-wire-2

Product environment

env_i80_warehouse env_i80_sports-hall env_i80_ceiling-heights env_i80_cold-room env_i80_industry environment_i80_helicopter-hangard_01 environment_i80_helicopter-hangard_02 i80_oasen_namsos_1 i80_oasen_namsos_3

i80 G2


i80 cluster

i80 LED 14000 G2 840 MB HTG

i80 Medium Beam G2

Heat soak tested tempered glass (HTG)
i80 LED 10000  G2 840 NB

i80 Narrow Beam G2

Heat soak tested tempered glass (HTG)
i80 LED 14000 G2 840 XNB HTG

i80 Extrem Narrow Beam G2

i80 LED 10000 G2 840 OP HTG

i80 OP G2

Light measurement drawings

i80 LED 14000 G2 840 MB HTG i80 LED 10000  G2 840 NB i80 LED 14000 G2 840 XNB HTG i80 LED 10000 G2 840 OP HTG

Measurement drawings

i80 i80_cluster

Amsterdam Stock Exchange


Recently the trading floor has been bathed in a new light. The old metal halide luminaires in the glass ceiling have been replaced by modern LED luminaires.

A perfect match
The choice fell on Glamox i80, a powerful industrial LED luminaire suitable for installation in large rooms with tall ceiling heights, such as factory assembly halls and warehouses. The historical glass ceiling over the trading floor is made up of multiple square compartments.

By chance, the square i80 luminaires fit exactly into this structure. The dimensions of the luminaires combined with their technical lighting properties made Glamox i80 a good choice for this project.

A total of twenty Glamox i80 LED luminaires were installed in the ceiling above the trading floor. These replaced the 28 metal halide luminaires which had lit the exchange hall for years. The twenty LED lights produce more light than the 28 metal halide luminaires. The newly installed i80 luminaires provide approximately 200 lux on the trading floor.

No easy access

The Glamox i80 luminaires were installed via a space above the glass ceiling in the old Amsterdam Stock Exchange. In order to replace the luminaires in the ceiling, the team of installers had to crawl along a route which in part passes over the roof of the historical building.

Installers: Cofely
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Helsinki City Theatre restored to former glory


Surrounded by the beautiful park of Tokoinranta, the Helsinki City Theatre has been restored to its original glory in a two-year renovation project. The renovation of this building, designed by Timo Penttilä in 1967, was performed showing proper reverence for the original design, while fully updating its services engineering. 

Happy staff
The modernisation provided both the 274-seat and the 923-seat stages with top-quality stagecraft and sound and lighting systems. The doors to the remodelled facilities were opened to the public in August 2017 when the musical Myrskyluodon Maija – tickets to which have been sold out far into the autumn – was shown on the large stage.
The audience is sure to enjoy their time in the theatre’s beautifully restored entrance hall, foyer and auditoriums. Another world opens up backstage where the theatre’s skilled professionals create the sets for the performances. Behind the curtain, good working lights are needed in rehearsal spaces, the stage property room, makeup and dressing rooms and in many other facilities all the way to the theatre’s large store of hats. The staff is absolutely delighted with the modernised workspaces and their lighting. 

 “Before the renovation, all the facilities were quite gloomy. Now it feels like the sun is shining in even windowless spaces and it feels great to work here. We are very pleased with it; it’s now easy to see what you’re doing, and the lighting has also improved occupational safety,” says Antti Rehtijärvi, the Technical Director of the Helsinki City Theatre.

Clearly better working lights 
During the renovation, the entire electrical system of the building was remodelled.
 “As a project under design, the building proved an exceptionally multifaceted challenge with its numerous spaces for diverse purposes. Hiding the technology was a big job and required close cooperation with various design teams and contractors. The use of a data model simplified the electrical wiring and lighting designs considerably,” says Jorma Finnberg, Project Manager at Rejlers Finland Oy, the Electrical Consulting Company. 

Challenging stage lighting

The theatre stage is a swarm of activity between performances; alongside intensive rehearsals, the massive technology and staging need to be built. The black surfaces of the stage alone pose a challenge for the lighting. The measurements of the large stage are predictably sizeable: the rotating performance area facing the 923-seat auditorium is 24 metres high and, with its background space, covers an area of 600 square metres.

The old working lamps of the small and large stage were replaced with powerful LED luminaires from the Glamox i80 serie, which provide the high spaces with ample and even lighting. The luminaires’ 1–10V control units link them to the main stage-lighting control systems. Built in 1989, Studio Elsa, the extended portion of the City Theatre, also has Glamox i80 luminaires illuminating its rehearsal stage with LED lightsource of 3000 kelvin color temperature, in the future it can also be used in performances - if necessary.

 “The new LED working lights are a huge step forward compared to the old halogen lighting. The colour and amount of light is now clearly better,” Rehtijärvi says happily.

The lighting is a spot on from stage set to costumes 
A stage property room is a vital part of a theatre because this is where the stage set is created. Up to eight meters tall, the structures built for the large stage are true masterpieces. This precise craft requires plenty of light in the high spaces above the stage. Exceptionally good colour rendering is also needed for set painting and surface treatment. The theatre’s production areas are illuminated with the superbly efficient Glamox GIR lighting fixtures, equipped with T5 fluorescent lamps including colour rendering of Ra=90. 

Even the City Theatre’s magnificent collection of costumes and hats can now bask in a light worthy of its splendour. The  Glamox i20 luminaires installed in the ceiling of the theatre’s storage spaces bring out the colours and textures of the costumes in the high-quality LED light. 

 “We look for clothing for various plays every day in the costume and hat storerooms and have the actors try them on. It’s vital that the natural essence and colours of the textiles are easy to distinguish,” Rehtijärvi says.

  • The solution in a nutshell: 

    Helsinki City Theatre
    • Gross floor area: 27,260 m2   
    • Staff: about 250
    • Developer: City of Helsinki, Urban Environment Division, Land Property Development and Plots
    • Building contractor: SRV Rakennus Oy 
    • Architectural design: LPR-Arkkitehdit Oy 
    • Electrical design: Rejlers Finland Oy

    Stages and the high rehearsal hall: i80 (144 pieces)
    Stage property room and other production facilities: GIR (225 pieces)
    Carpentry shop and paint shop: MAX 1200 LED (24 pieces) 
    Costume storerooms, service aisles and low workspaces: i20 (1025 pieces)
    Office spaces: C10 (61 pieces)
    Kitchens: C60-R 4x14W (22 pieces)
    Toilets and washrooms: D70 (410 pieces) and A40-W (165 pieces)

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Heathrow Airport LED upgrade


Recently a major upgrade to LED lighting has been carried out, in cooperation with Glamox Luxo Lighting. The project includes a variety of key locations at the airport, such as terminals, control posts, car parks and more.

Important cost savings 
This investment in the latest energy-efficient technology will contribute to improved passenger ambience, and at the same time reduce the airport’s energy and CO2 consumption.

Heathrow has set a target to reduce its absolute CO2 emissions from fixed sources by 30% on 1990 levels by March 2020. Significant savings will also be made on maintenance costs:

Heathrow, a major hub airport, has particularly high costs of access for maintenance. In all areas maintenance can only be carried out during a few hours at night. The airport’s new LED lighting solutions are virtually maintenance free, so that 100% lighting levels can be upheld without cumbersome and time consuming light source changes.

Project descriptions

Project 1: Car parks at Terminals 2, 3 and 4
In the terminal car parks most of the lighting was provided by traditional 5ft 2x58 Watt corrosion proof luminaries, using approximately 122 Watt each. The airport was aiming to reduce energy costs and maintenance cycles, while improving the experience for the passengers/users.

Our solution
Looking at the client’s requirements and specifications for these area types, we looked at a one-for-one replacement using 4ft Glamox GPV2 LED running at 40 watt per fitting. This enabled us not only to meet the requirements, but also to use a third of the power consumption, showing massive energy savings.

In some circumstances 2ft GPV2 LED were used on the perimeters in place of single 5ft luminaries. Utilizing external light sensors and daylight switching, further reductions in the energy consumption were obtained. On the ground floor of the Terminal 3 car park we used the i80 at high level in place of discharge lights and incorporated occupancy sensors on alternate lights.
Product types: GPV2 LED & i80

Project 2: Terminal 4 entrance canopy (Arrivals)

The old terminal entrance lighting was on 24/7. Here the airport was using 250 Watt metal halide high bay luminaires recessed into the ceiling, which is 8 metres high. These luminaries had started to fail and fall into disrepair. The airport was looking at reducing the energy consumption and improving maintenance. Access was a major issue.

Our solution
By using Glamox i80 mounted within the recess and supplying an external bezel we actually improved the energy consumption by 69%, while contributing greatly to improved maintenance. With the aid of external daylight sensors some 70% of the luminaries are now switched off during daylight hours, thus providing further energy savings.

Product types: i80 LED 8000 DALI 840 MB HTG

Project 3: Passenger Subways linking Terminals 1, 2 and 3

The passenger subway linking the terminals at Heathrow were lit by a combination of linear fluorescent tubes and recessed and surface mounted CFL downlights. Subway transfers were not a particularly pleasant experience for passengers. It was important that we should be able to enhance the lighting in these areas.

Our solution
In cooperation with lighting designers Studio Fractal and installer Crown House Technologies, it was decided to redesign the entire system’s lighting scheme. We used Glamox C50-SR LED RGB for the wall wash. This makes it possible to change the colour of the walls in order to make the lighting more exciting. All recessed and surface mounted downlights were substituted with LED models. As a result, the passenger tunnels are now well lit and have a much more pleasant ambience.

Product types: C50-SR RGB, D70-R195 LED and i75 LED

Project 4: Security control posts

The vehicles security control posts are a particularly important part of an airport’s security system. All vehicles entering the airport area are thoroughly checked in full light, 24/7. The old 250 Watt metal halide floodlights at some of the control posts were failing, diffusers were discoloured and maintenance was becoming an issue.

Our solution
An upgrade was made at a total of four security control posts. Changing to Glamox GPV2 LED luminaires gave good energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. We also suggested the use of Glamox i80 mounted on the columns using our turnable bracket. This again gave good energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.  It also enhanced the lighting in these areas to a very high standard. Airport management is now looking to roll this out to other control posts across Heathrow. 

Product types: i80 and GPV2 LED
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Meriturva Maritime Safety Training Centre


Text: Marjukka Puolakka
Pictures: Juha Tuomi 

The survival training unit in Lohja has top-quality equipment, even by international standards, and offers unique conditions for comprehensive learning. The equipment includes a helicopter with a rescue hoist, self-balancing life rafts for 4-101 people and rescue chute systems. Lohja has the only facilities in Finland for Helicopter Under Water Escape Training (HUET). The hall wall has been modelled after a side of a boat and includes a net for climbing, and other authentic rescue equipment. The pool is used for training 3 000 - 5 000 seafarers every year. The nearest similar training location is in Denmark, which means that Meriturva also has many customers from abroad, mainly from Estonia and Sweden. "We train, for example, shipping company staff, rescue staff and students from maritime academies. The training is available for everyone and our customers range from canoe groups to astronauts" says the Equipment Manager Michael Blomqvist from Meriturva. The training hall was built in 2002 and renovated in summer 2018. As a part of the renovation project the lighting installation was upgraded to modern LED products.

Millions of Litres of Water
The training pool is four metres deep, 43 metres long and 27 metres wide. It's the biggest indoor pool in Finland and can take up to 4.7 million litres of water, which meant that it took ten days to empty the pool for the renovation. Water is a difficult element when it comes to designing lighting, as it absorbs light. The pool is efficiently lit with i90-P luminaires hanging from the ceiling, 15 metres above the water. The output of the three luminaires is 45 000 lumens. Of the four i90 lighting options, the medium beam luminaires were selected. The protective glass is heat-soak tested hardened glass, which has been treated on both sides in order to guarantee good light penetration. "The pool area offers various challenges for lighting, for example the humidity. The i90 lights are the most effective and durable choice for these conditions", says the Electrical Designer Pasi Tamminen from Sähköinsinööritoimisto Ahonen Ltd. Glamox provided the Meriturva pool building with all the new light fixtures. "I have used Glamox products for years and I know them to be reliable. Using only one lighting supplier also makes operating easier", Tamminen states. There are additional MACH 2 floodlights installed to offer more effective lighting for the survival training. Installed below the walking platform, they are long-lasting and can withstand the challenging conditions. The training and equipment area next to the pool is lit with the durable and efficient i80 luminaires, hanging from the dark grate ceiling. 

Safety First
The high-quality and glare free lighting ensures unobstructed visibility for both rescue procedures and equipment and gear testing. After each training course, which last between one and five days, the staff checks the condition of the equipment before it's used again. "Safety comes first for us and everything has to be in perfect working order. After the training course, the technical staff washes and dries the rescue overalls, pack the vests and look after the equipment", Blomqvist explains. The training is carried out in variable and realistic conditions. With a push of a button, the pool will be taken over by waves over a metre tall. The wave machine produces seven different types of waves, which is extremely rare. The wind machine will produce wind up to 30 metres per second with rain beating on your neck. While the helicopter is hoisting up the evacuated people, rotor sounds blare from the speakers. The evacuation training also includes rescue in the dark. "The old lights took a long time to regain their full power. Now the LED lights relight the space in an instance. The space is now better illuminated, and the lights don't blind even those who are floating face up on the pool", Blomqvist continues. The cool white light of the 4 000 kelvin LED luminaires is also an improvement to the slightly yellow light emitted by the discharge lamps. The robust and long-lasting LED lights make lighting maintenance easier in the tall pool building.

Meriturva Maritime Safety Training Centre
Meriturva was established under the National Board of Education in 1997 for survival training and for improving the safety of seafarers. Meriturva consists of two units; a fire training unit in Kirkkonummi and a survival training unit in Lohja. Additionally, Meriturva offers survival courses for boaters in Ojamo and sea survival training courses in Inkoo. Meriturva offers training for more than four thousand people every year. Meriturva also actively participates in various sea safety research projects and development programmes. Meriturva employs 25 professionals. 


The lighting solution in a nutshell:
Meriturva training hall renovation, Lohja 
Constructor: Senate Properties
Electrical planning: Sähköinsinööritoimisto Ahonen Ltd.
Electrical work: Uudenmaan Rakennus- ja Maalauspalvelu Ltd.

Pool area ceiling: i90-P 
Pool area spotlights: MACH 2 
Pool edge area: i80 


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Illuminating Finland's coolest tourist attraction


Kemi SnowCastle has attracted winter tourists since 1996. Now it's possible to enjoy snow and ice round the year, as the new main building houses a “snow experience space” with -5°C temperature all year round. The building also provides numerous other services.
”The SnowCastle operates all year and offers versatile restaurant and meeting services. In between meetings, one can drop by the ice room to cool down, to play in the snow or to have a go at the ice slide" says Susanna Koutonen from Kemin Matkailu Ltd.
The main building was opened in March 2019, on the 150th anniversary of Kemi.

Clean white light
The lobby of the two-storey building has a blue reception desk which looks like it's made of ice cubes. The high glass windows in the lobby and the shop windows are decorated with snowflakes.
“The colour temperature of the light in the room next to the experience space is mainly 4,000 Kelvin, which coincides with the snow white of the wall and ceiling surfaces,” says Seppo Penttinen, electrical designer at UpNet Engineering Ltd.

The ice cream parlour serves delicious ice cream sundaes, and the café serves drinks with ice flakes, amongst other things. From the lobby, there are stairs to the viewpoint restaurant which seats 300 people. The ice cream parlour, the restaurant, the café and the spa section are illuminated with Glamox D70 downlights.
"We were already familiar with the Glamox products, and we knew they were first-rate and reliable. The purchasing and the installation of the light fixtures for space was very easy. Everything worked flawlessly", Penttinen says.
The SnowCastle's large kitchen and cooking areas are illuminated with C63 square lights, embedded in the ceiling. "Cooking requires good, glare-free and even lighting. The IP55 enclosure ensures that steam from the kitchen does not penetrate the lights. The surfaces of the lights are also easy to clean. Good impact resistance ensures that the light fixtures can withstand impact so parts of it will not be scattered around the space, ”Penttinen explains.
The ice restaurant in the snow experience space is decorated with a fairy tale castle theme and it's the perfect venue for weddings and other events. "The venue offers princesses their fairy tale castle wedding with an ice sculpted pumpkin carriage and everything", Koutonen says. 

Lights as part of the interior
The lights in almost all the areas attached to the main building are connected to the DALI control system.
The DALI system allowed us to create a versatile operating system and the light dimming feature has proved to be very useful. The wall panels and the operating system are equipped with automated settings, such as the northern lights setting which dims the space with a press of a button. The light levels can also be adjusted by hand", Penttinen explains.

 ”It's important that the lights can be adjusted to suit everyone in the work space. Some prefer to work in better lit areas than others", Koutonen says.

 The office space, the souvenir shop and the reception area are illuminated with C90 and C95 module lights. Their clear and minimalistic shape lights every corner of the space. "The light fixtures are also interior elements in these areas and an important part of the architecturally stylish space,” Koutonen continues.
The technical spaces, service rooms and the safari service areas are illuminated with i60 lights. The i80 and i85 lights are fitted to the high ceilings of the maintenance areas and the loading bays. They are extremely durable and efficiently light the work areas.

Clean energy from nature
The experience space is 400 m2 in size and contains more than 100 000 kilos of natural ice.
 "Many of our foreign visitors have only seen ice in their cocktail glass. Here they get to marvel at the enormous ice cubes cut from the sea and the river. We are also telling a story about the freezing of the Finnish waters and the clean snow", Koutonen rejoices.
Renewable energy and sustainable energy use are the corner stones of the SnowCastle area operation.
There is a solar plant on the roof of the main building. The buildings are heated with geothermal heating and cooled with geothermal wells. Waste heat is salvaged and used to heat the water.
"Kemi is the first city in Mainland Finland with the ISO 14001 environmental certification. We want to do our share to keep the city green and produce as much of the energy we require as possible", Koutonen states.

The solution in a nutshell

The Kemi SnowCastle, open all year round
• Surface area: 3 812 square metres
• The developer: Kemin Matkailu Ltd.
• Architectural planning: FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd.
• Electrical planning: UpNet Engineering Ltd. and Sähköinsinööritoimisto Esko Laakso Ltd.
- Restaurants, spa section, halls D70
- Offices, the store and the reception areas C90 and C95 Kitchens C63
- Technical spaces and the safari service areas i60 and MIRZ54 Loading bays and maintenance areas i85 and i80 

The Kemi SnowCastle365

The new main building at the Kemi SnowCastle area was opened in February 2019. The SnowExperience space allows visitors to marvel at snow and ice at any time of year. The ice restaurant is perfect for events like weddings, and the ice slide is there to tempt the young at heart. The building also houses a viewpoint restaurant, an ice cream parlour, a café and a souvenir shop. The sauna and spa section include a large sun terrace. The Kemi SnowCastle is located at the shore of Bothnian Bay in Sea Lapland.

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