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Reed is available in black, white and silver grey.


This pendant luminaire has a remarkably slim and elegant shape, and an all-aluminium finish with attractive details. Reed is available in black, white and silver grey. The LED light source, in combination with a silver reflector and high quality microprismatic optics makes Reed one of the most energy efficient pendant luminaires on the market today. 

Easy installation and continuous mounting
Reed is also available for continuous mounting on request. A discreet bracket allows for continuous mounting at flexible angles. It is delivered as a complete system with max 3 units in one system. 
This luminaire is easy to install, and easy to keep clean: A dust protection cover in clear acrylic is standard.

Reed can be equipped with sensors, dimming and LED emergency lights.

Light distribution 
REED can be delivered with 50% up / 50% down, 40% up / 60% down, 0% up / 100% down or 100% up / 0% down. The version with 100% light down, can be used for black/white boards.

Reed is available with tunable white, 3000-6000K.

The world's most energy-efficient office lighting solution!
By combining Reed with one of Luxo’s low energy LED task lights it is possible to create solutions that are perfect for each individual, while saving energy and money.

Light source

LED 2700 - 8100 lumen out.
Colour temperature 3000/4000 K, CRI Ra 80, MacAdams 3
Tuneable white (CCT)


Electronic ballast (HF) or DALI.

Body material & colour

White, silver grey or black aluminium body with end caps in die-cast aluminium.


Unique suspension system with simple, quick adjustment wire in one end and the supply cable functioning as suspension at the opposite end. Suspension is always supplied with the luminaire (PRE).  Available for continuous  mounting, max 3pcs in one system.


Supplied with pre-mounted 3 or 5 wire cable or cable and plug.


High quality microprismatic diffuser MP in combination with efficient silver reflectors.

Integrated emergency light

LED emergency light type self test (ST) and addressable DALI (DALI).

Integrated sensors

This product is available with a PIR sensor type SPR-SEN with relay based ON/OFF switch or a PIR sensor wired for Corridor function type SPC-SEN. It is also available with a combined PIR and Constant Light sensor with integrated DALI Power supply type MPP-SEN or a slave PIR version type MPS-SEN.

For more information see user manual for the respective sensor under “Download”.

Reed + Ovelo


Reed + Ovelo





Reed has an all-aluminium body with microprismatic optics and a dust protection cover in clear acrylic.

Reed with integrated SPR-SEN


Reed with integrated MPP-SEN sensors

Product environment

reed_ovelo_dsc5915 ovelo_reed_open-plan reed_black-on-black env_reed_folktandvaarden-boraas

Product detail

reed_end-view-2 reed_with_sensor reed_actilume_sensor
 Reed  W H
 LED 1200  104 mm  64 mm  1232 mm  1200 mm
 LED 1500  104 mm  64 mm  1532 mm  1500 mm


 Reed  W H
 LED 1200  104 mm  64 mm  1232 mm  1200 mm
 LED 1500  104 mm  64 mm  1532 mm  1500 mm
Reed 40-60 LED 6000 830 MP

Reed LED 40/60 6000 MP

REED-1500 50-50 LED 6200 840 MP

Reed LED 50/50 6200 MP

Measurement drawings


Light measurement drawings

Reed 40-60 LED 6000 830 MP REED-1500 50-50 LED 6200 840 MP

German Football Museum (DFB)


Let there be no doubt about it - Germany is a football nation!  After three years of planning and construction the new German Football Museum, DFB, was opened in October 2015. The museum is designed by HPP Architects. The football phenomenon and the fascination around it, is impressively staged in the 7000 square metre venue. 

All aspects of football are presented to the audience in a sequential multimedia experience. The luminaires from Glamox is part of this multimedia world. The entrance of the building with its LED facade makes visitors curious about the exhibition inside. Pulsing light guides visitors into the lobby where it changes into a fascinating ball-shaped sculpture. On the outside specially adapted O81 LED spotlights create interesting light effects. Guido Kürten from HPP Architects refers to the accent lighting on the metallic white facade as “Glow”. It reflects the conscious use of light, especially in the evening and at night.

Multipurpose venue
When the visitors reach the basement of the museum, the journey takes them directly into the 700 m2, multipurpose venue with a cafe, a little football pitch and alternating special exhibitions. On one side of the arena the generous windows let in a large amount of daylight. On the opposite side a special version of our pendent LED luminaire Reed, illuminates the walk-in gallery as a light strip installation. Reed has a remarkably slim and elegant aluminium body with attractive details. It illuminates the museum with 40 percent indirect light and 60 percent direct light. A discrete bracket allows for continuous mounting in flexible angles. The line of light run parallel with the impressing black inner wall, creating a simple, well arranged design. The luminaire is easy to install and clean, with a dust protection cover in clear acrylic as a standard. The discrete distribution of luminaires contributes to the diversity of the multipurpose arena which is used for different types of events like press conferences, TV recordings, gala nights and other large celebrations. 

Backstage lighting
The restrooms are located in a circular module with green walls. Here Glamox D70s illuminate every urinal properly so that it’s impossible to miss the target. The spotlights come with the latest LED light sources. Efficient heat management ensures long product life time. 
To work in the home of German football history is a dream come true for many of the museum’s staff members. The luminaires also contributes to correct lighting backstage. In the ceiling of the meeting room, five Modul S luminaires supply suitable lighting. The exiting combination of different sizes raises the ceiling optically. The robust aluminium luminaire body makes a powerful statement in the room. Modul S provides excellent light output, and creates an impression of light coming straight through the ceiling.

From idea to design
After the FIFA World Cup 2016 in Germany, the German Football Association decided to use the profit from the championship to finance a national football museum. Among 14 cities who applied for hosting the museum, the DFB board chose to proceed with Köln, Oberhausen, Gelsenkirchen and Dortmund – an area in Nordrhein-Westfalen, the most densely populated county in Germany. 

In the European architectural competition for the German Football Museum, the design by architects Hentrich Petschnigg & Partner was chosen together with two other participants. The City of Dortmund was commissioned by the DFB Foundation for the German Football Museum to host the 2-stage competition with 25 participants. As a place for the history of German football, the new building was to be built in the center of Dortmund, opposite the main railway station and celebrate the joy of football. The museum's cardinal idea is based on the motto "We are soccer", to be the central place for paying tribute to German football. At the same time, the museum is part of the “art and culture mile” in the northern entrée to the city center of Dortmund. 

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A quite extraordinary garden


Who said that convalescent and care buildings for the older generation must be grey, standardised and boring? Answer: Most likely no one. Nonetheless, there are many such constructions in Norway. Precisely why Luranetunet in Os Municipality has garnered so much attention. Broadly speaking, a supervised residential and convalescent centre that in many ways is how we usually think of them – but it offers something more: Situated at 60 degrees north, twenty or so kilometres south of Bergen, a tropical garden has been built as an integrated component of the centre. 1300 square metres of covered garden, filled with tropical plants, a fish pond and “Bamboo Bar”. 

“When we celebrated the opening in wintry November, we numbered 120 sat at the tables, but the lighting and garden surrounding us created such an atmosphere that we could be forgiven for thinking we were instead sitting in sunny Southern Europe.” Aud Winsents, Unit Manager at Luranetunet, speaks fondly of the unique garden in her charge. 

“The garden’s very popular. It’s become like an in-house venue for us, where we hold numerous leisure activities, such as singing, drawing courses, afternoon tea, movie evenings. We have taken these activities out of rooms into the open, tropical surroundings. We also have a koi fish pond. We built the “Bamboo Bar”, where we serve cordial/juice and water, and have evening functions where beer and wine are also an option,” says Winsents.

Luxuriant atmosphere
In total, Luranetunet has 155 residents living in nine different divisions, a tenth will be completed in 2019, which will increase the number of places to 175. The centre offers both nursing care places and residential apartments with 24-hour supervision, and the garden enables the elderly to venture “outside” all year round. A common room, so to speak, for both users and family members. A number of benches have been placed conveniently, and the garden can also be enjoyed from a gallery on the second floor. 

1400 plants, divided into 35-50 different species, are the source for creating the luxuriant atmosphere. A vital component that enables the plants to thrive and grow, is the lighting. Glamox has supplied luminaires for the entire centre, no less than 1500 in total; of which a wide assortment are installed in the garden. Here are bollard lights, park luminaires, and underwater lighting in the koi pond. Of particular interest are the floodlights with so-called RGB technology (Red-Green-Blue). Red LED light specifically ensures better plant growth. 
“The lighting is toned down in the evening and at night, and we are delighted with the solutions that were selected. There has been no negative feedback, in fact, quite the opposite,” says Unit Manager Aud Winsents.

More alert and energetic with Human Centric Lighting
All rooms at Luratunet, the construction of which was completed in the autumn of 2017, have been fitted with modern LED luminaires. One section has also been fitted with the so-called HCL solution (Human Centric Lighting). This is a lighting solution that imitates daylight in intensity and colour temperature, which can also affect us humans, biologically. HCL can provide positive effects to our mood, quality of sleep, wellbeing and job performance. 
“We haven’t undertaken any scientific research, but the reports so far from staff working there, are that they have noticed a significant difference. They feel they are more alert and have more energy, mentioning there is a better atmosphere. They often use the areas as a pleasure walk for the joy of the experience,” says Aud Winsents. 

Open to all
“This isn’t primarily an institution, it’s first and foremost a home”, Tor Inge Døsen told the local newspaper when the tropical garden was officially opened in November 2017. Døsen is a former project manager at Os Municipality, who took the initiative to build the distinctive garden. All who want to visit are welcome, as both the municipality and Luranetunet are eager for the garden to be a vibrant place where people can meet at their leisure. Luranetunet’s older residents are also able to have ‘get-togethers’ here, such as birthday celebrations and similar with family and friends in “Diamanten”, (“the Diamond”), a popular meeting place in our very own tropical garden. 

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