De Kuyper egg liqueur production plant

De Kuyper is a Dutch family-owned company dating back to 1695. The company is the world’s largest producer of cocktail liqueurs. Their factory for dairy-and egg-based products such as alcoholic drinks with cream and eggs are located in Middelharnis in South Holland. The best-known international brands of egg liqueur are made here.
The main production hall holds a great number of huge stainless steel tanks. The tanks all contain a mix of egg yolks, syrup, alcohol and water. It is the fumes from the alcohol in the steel tanks that present a particular challenge to the environment in the production hall. Also, for hygienic purposes the entire hall is regularly cleaned with chemicals. Over time the fumes, despite the low and safe level, and/or the cleaning chemicals will in time cause paint to strip off any hard surface such as metal or glass.

Unpainted stainless steel luminaires
To meet these challenges a special batch of MIR LED luminaires were ordered from Glamox. These were produced with luminaire housings of unpainted acidproof stainless steel, and chemical resistant acrylic diffusers. This way, the luminaires will not be affected by the alcoholic fumes and detergents used in the cleaning process.