Index House

When Oslo's House of Industry and Export was constructed, back in 1964, it won prizes for innovative use of concrete. By today's standards it was perceived as dark, stark and unattractive. Structural changes and clever use of Glamox Luxo luminaires changed this completely.
The landmark 17-storey Index House in Oslo is an award-winning concrete structure with a central location in Norway’s capital.  A complete refurbishing was undertaken in 2008-2009. A main challenge was transforming a rather dark concrete structure into a light and airy modern office building. In order to achieve this, structural changes were made in order to let in more daylight. In addition, all floors were equipped with a large number of recessed  “Modul” luminaires, creating fields of imitation daylight.

Architect: John Engh (1964). 2008/2009 refurbishing: Mellbye Architects.