Single Group

A smart and easily installed system that allows you to control a single group of luminaires.

This is an ideal solution for a room or an area where you want all the luminaires to follow the same command. A Single Group system from Glamox is easy to install. Just plug and play, no programming needed. Our systems are based on on/off relay sensors and Dali broadcast dimmers. Typical applications include corridors, storage rooms, cell offices, small meeting rooms etc.

Our solutions:

The easiest way of doing light management is to switch off the light when it is not needed. The easiest way of doing that is to switch off the mains to the light when there is no one present in the room. 

Relay based sensors

The most basic type of external sensors in our system. They are all based on a relay that disconnect the mains when there is no presence in the room or if there is sufficient light in the room caused by incoming daylight.

Here you will find sensors for standard room applications, for extreme wide detection area (WB) and a more high beam sensor (NB). Slave sensors do not have any relay but can widen the detection area so that you can cover a larger room.

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If dimming is needed the easy way out is to dim everything to the same levels. Then there is no need for a central controller or any addressing/grouping.

DALI Dimmers
A plug and play solution for dimming DALI products. All dimmers have a built-in 50mA power supply that can dim up to 25 luminaires. Up to 4 dimmers can be connected in one system. Either as a slave, only connected on the DALI bus, or as a second master for increasing the number of luminaires with another 25pc.

The LMS DALI ROTARY DT8 CCT can also change the color temperature by using push and turn on the rotary switch when connected to DALI CCT luminaires.

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