Learning is the process of understanding, selecting, interpreting and storing information. Man’s ability to learn, store information and then pass it on to the following generations is crucial for all development and our own evolution. Our modern, knowledge based society poses increasingly stringent demands on installing correct artificial lighting systems to facilitate cultivation of the optimal learning environment. We thrive on solving a challenge – after all, we’re experts in this area.

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Healthcare premises are very demanding environments for the lighting designer. The wide variety of tasks being performed and the vast differentials in physical abilities of those using the premises demands a number of different lighting solutions.

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As a customer of Glamox’ luminaires you can be confident that we have put all of our effort into delivering lighting solutions suitable for all conditions. Because we know how tough the weather on and offshore may be, how temperature, wind and downfall constantly stresses technical installations. And we know how important it is to have lighting installations that last for years and years.

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A whole range of unwanted aches and pains, headaches, neck and back ailments and eyestrain can be attributed to poor lighting. This is because the body compensates for poor lighting: We adopt unhealthy postures in order to see well. Office lighting solutions from Glamox are designed to prevent these problems, by combining excellent general lighting with individual lighting control.

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There are many aspects and concerns regarding outdoor lighting. It is important to create an illumination scenario that is reflecting the building or area’s identity.

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Marine, onshore and offshore solutions