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Glamox Connect

Our central monitoring system Glamox Connect gives you complete control of your lighting installation. It also helps you reduce energy consumption and the need for maintenance work.

Glamox Connect - all you need in one system!

Thw functions you get in Glamox Connect are:

Energy monitoring 
Complete overview of the energy consumption on your site or filtered by predefined areas.

Emergency monitoring 
Get alerts directly to maintenance personell when emergency lights are failing, and generate emergency reports according to standards.

Maintenance monitoring 
Get alerts when luminaires are failing, with information about fault and location. The system has direct integration with Glamox product pages.

Floor plan 
Easy overview of all devices in your installation, including direct access to product data sheets.

Central control 
Glamox Connect is a web based tool for designated users and multiple sites. Let multiple users share the same data on all your sites, for complete control over the entire lighting installation.


We can offer Wireless and Wired solutions that can be integrated into Glamox Connect. 

Glamox Wireless

We can offer two different wireless systems, choose the one that best suits your application

Glamox Wired

On wired solutions we can offer both a complete DALI based solution or a “Stand alone” DALI based sensor solution. We also have a very competable range of KNX components used for Light Control.

Glamox Wireless Radio
This system is based on communication on 868 MHz frequency. The benefits of using this frequency is the long communication range and that it is more resistant to metal surroundings. This technology is very well adapted to industrial applications where you often have some distance between the components and a metal structured ceiling.

Glamox Wireless ZigBee
This system is based on communication on the open protocol ZigBee 3.0. Today ZigBee is the most widely developed wireless communication protocol on the market. This opens for communication with a lot of different devices.

Glamox can offer a complete range of luminaires and light control devices for this system. ZigBee is based on a Mesh wireless network on 2,4 GHz. Glamox Wireless ZigBee also has a Bluetooth interface for easy communication with the end user. This makes Glamox Wireless ZigBee very well suited for applications like offices, educational buildings and health care institutions.

Glamox Wired DALI
Glamox can deliver two different DALI systems, DALI Complete and DALI system sensor:
DALI complete is a safe and well-proven solution. The system consists of complete range of DALI2 proven components* that are thoroughly tested both individually with compliance with the DALI standard but also combined as a system. Glamox DALI is part of our Glamox Connect solutions and can therefor easily be integrated to our Monitoring system. As a stand alone system it is a flexible and versatile system that allows you to control multiple groups of luminaires. This is an ideal solution when you want to divide the installation into separate groups groups that can be controlled individually. 

DALI System sensor ...

Glamox Wired KNX
This mesh network protocol is a superb solution for interior applications such as offices, classrooms, corridors etc. It is easily scalable and flexible if you need to rearrange the environment.