The importance of visual comfort

Workspace lighting is much more important than most people imagine. Our work environment, work performance and well-being are much affected by it.
A whole range of unwanted aches and pains, headaches, neck and back ailments and eyestrain can be attributed to poor lighting. This is because our bodies compensate for poor lighting: We adopt unhealthy postures in order to see well.

At Glamox Luxo we have developed lighting solutions that are designed to avoid these problems by providing optimal working conditions in schools, hospitals and office buildings.

Visual comfort, productivity and efficiency

Our objective is to create work environments that provide visual comfort, while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

For this purpose we have developed a range of recessed, pendant and surface mounted luminaires that are constructed to provide an even light distribution on surfaces as well as on ceilings and walls, while avoiding glare and annoying shadows. These luminaires provide what we call the soft light.