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November 03, 2021
What differentiates good quality of light?

Light quality is much more than achieving lux levels. Good light quality can improve visual impressions in work situations, avoid nuisance glare, minimize disturbances in the body's natural rhythm, increase productivity and support good sleep quality. In this webinar we dive into why and how. Join us in this webinar to explore the invisible attributes of high light quality.

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November 11, 2021
Lighting for nursing and care homes

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December 2, 2021
Highlights from the new revised EN standard

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January 20, 2022
LMS energy saving            

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February 10, 2022
New HCL technology

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March 3, 2022
Night shift workers                    

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Ergonomic lighting for the modern office
Ergonomic lighting is traditionally something that is mainly related to lux levels and glare, but can there be more to it that is important for the modern office? In this 30-minute webinar we will try to look at modern trends in lighting and how to utilize them while still managing all the ergonomic aspects for a workplace.

Let's talk about high bay lighting
The guide to designing the perfect hi bay installation.

Watch this webinar as we discuss the importance of build quality and the correct specification for specific hi bay lighting requirements. The small details can be the difference between an efficient, painless, maintenance program and operating lighting system, and an endless pit of maintenance costs and high electricity bills.

An introduction to Luxo magnifiers
Our illuminated magnifiers are not just magnifiers with light, but powerful luminaires with excellent light output and good colour rendering capabilities. They are known for their flexibility and smooth self-balancing properties. 

 In this 20-minute webinar we will present our range of arm-based illuminated magnifiers for a wide variety of segments: Industry, healthcare, cosmetology and low vision.

Why we need HCL in the classroom – research and studies
We are pleased to invite you to an exclusive webinar where Dr Shelley James, lumenologist and international expert on light and well-being, will share her insights on the importance of light for children and young people. You will also learn more about how different research and studies have helped us understand how artificial light can contribute to create healthy learning environments and improve the well-being of its students and teachers.

An introduction to outdoor lighting
In this 30-minute webinar we will study some of the principles of outdoor lighting, and look at a number of examples of successful projects. We’ll discuss the various standards that apply to outdoor lighting, and look at useful products for these projects.

Led documentation and lifetime
In this 30 minute free webinar we will look at what is affecting the Lifetime of a LED light source and how the life time is determined. We will also dive into the documentation of the LED light source and define how to evaluate and compare the different LED sources from each other.

The difficult choice: Lighting solutions for various ceiling systems
There is an abundance of ceiling systems on the market. Finding the luminaires to match a specific system can sometimes present a challenge. This is why Glamox has developed an online guide to help our customers navigate through the jungle. In this 30-minute free webinar, we will take a look into the different ceiling systems and the online ceiling guide.

Glare challenges: What is UGR and how do I use the UGR table
UGR is used to explain the glare from a lighting installation, but what is glare, and how can a good solution be identified? In this 30-minute free webinar, we will take a look at UGR and learn how to use the UGR table in order to be able to compare different lighting solutions.

Anti ligature explained
Anti-ligature luminaires are installed in different types of institutions. These robust, tamper-proof luminaires offer the highest levels of protection possible for various applications, such as custodial units or mental health applications, where people with mental health issues need protection from the ability to harm themselves.

3 key elements of lighting for hospital cleanrooms
Hospitals invest in cleanroom technology to keep rooms clean and achieve the best possible infection or particle control. Cleanroom lighting is no exception as excellent light quality is paramount in hospitals to ensure good visibility when performing different tasks, improving safety, productivity and well-being.

Is your office building desirable for companies and their employees?
In a constantly evolving working life, companies need buildings that offer good, flexible and comfortable solutions for their employees. Join this webinar to learn how Human Centric Lighting can increase well-being for people and provide added value - making your property a more attractive proposition for companies seeking office space.

Three important factors when choosing decorative lighting
When working on a new project, there are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right lighting. You want the lighting solutions to be visually appealing, functional and off course, satisfy the requirements of the project. Decorative lighting adds the final touch to the project, stands out and makes a statement.

Basic wireless in 30 minutes
Wireless communication is something that involves an increasing part of actions in our everyday lives. For the most part, it works without us thinking about it. We go through the basics when it comes to wireless communication. This will give you a better knowledge about the different technologies, and hopefully give you a better understanding in what “the tech guys” are talking about.

5 tips to improve your presence in digital meetings from home
Whether you have a spare room that can be equipped like a proper office, or you are working from your kitchen table, it can be a challenge to set up a suitable environment for digital meetings. In this 20 minute free webinar we will give you our best tips on how you can turn your home office into a digital meeting room, and how you can improve your presence in video meetings.

A Light Management System that grows with the project
Planning a light management system that will still fit the bill five years from now can be quite challenging. With Ethernet2Dali (E2D) you can easily expand your light management scope from a local installation to a cloud-based solution. E2D is developed inhouse and is based on our extensive experience in how office, school and health buildings are being used in relation to light.

Four steps to a successful HCL solution
Human Centric Lighting is a way of bringing the natural changes of light intensity and colour temperature indoors by using artificial light in order to imitate natural light. HCL puts humans in the centre when developing lighting systems, providing optimized work- and living environments.