What benefits can I expect?

A light management system from Glamox is a great choice whether you are the end user, the building owner, the contractor, the facility manager or the consultant. The needs of the end user are foremost in our thoughts during the design process. We convert the provided brief into tailored solutions which fulfil the customer’s specific requirements.

  Maximise time and energy savings
  Automate your emergency testing according to national standards
  Support a healthy work environment and better performance
  Control HCL that improves the circadian rhythm and well-being
  Optimise use of internal floor space
  Easily plan, install, operate and maintain the installation
  Have continuous access to your test and analysis data
  Supports remote commissioning and parameter changes

Light management systems for all needs

Lower life cycle costs
Reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs and extending the lifetime of the installation.

A more productive working environment
A lighting solution that provide optimised workand living environments. Furthermore, a HCL solution can enhance performance, well-being and support a favourable circadian rhythm.

Easy monitoring

Our monitoring solutions are based on open standards, tested and adapted to non-technical users.

Easy emergency lighting monitoring
By using addressable emergency lights, it is easy to set up test cycles and generate reports that fulfil European and national standards.

Easy maintenance planning
The Glamox Connect solution is a great tool that provides all the information for handling maintenance in a quick, easy and costefficient way.

Easy energy consumption mapping
Our simple user interface provides monitoring of the energy consumption in different areas of the building.

Easy access to data
Thanks to a well-thought-out system architecture and open-standard protocols, the data can easily be transmitted to a building management system (BMS) regardless of the type of communication.

Easy area planning
By heat mapping an area based on presence, you can visualise the use of the space and adjust the lighting to actual needs. In addition, you can get reports on how the space is used, and optimise the use of the building.