Glamox Wireless

You define. We connect.

With wireless technology, the light management system becomes extremely flexible. No need to rewire, just change the set up and the solution is adapted to a new interior layout instantly. To the refit market this is an enormous advantage.

The great effect of light

Human Centric Lighting

All living beings have an ‘inner clock’ called circadian rhythm, and humans are no exception. In short, it means we rise with the sun and go to sleep when it sets. Right light at the right time can influence everything from our sleep to how we feel and perform. That is why human centric lighting (HCL) is beneficial for schools, health facilities and industrial buildings.

lux&lumen 2020

The new lux&lumen 2020 is ready!

Part magazine, part catalogue. Complete inspiration!

Glamox i10 – Smart and accurate

A smart industrial luminaire with accurate light distribution

Glamox i10 comes with the choice of four different reflectors; wide beam, medium beam, narrow beam and shelf beam. Each reflector has a unique set of light distribution properties developed with specific applications in mind. The luminaire also has several smart sensor options which allows it to be easily integrated into a light management system. With a light management system from Glamox, you can reduce operating costs and gain full control of your lighting installation.

The Glamox C95 family

Slim and minimalistic

The first products in the Glamox C95 family were launched in 2016. In only a short time they became some of our most popular products. We’re not surprised, the discreet design, slim profile and fully illuminated surfaces make these products easy to like. By keeping the design uncomplicated, with a subtle groove as the only décor, our designers have made a product that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Glamox C90 family

– Premium luminous surface

When creating the products in the C90 family our designers have succeeded in combining superb light quality with a sophisticated exterior.

Glamox MPP-SEN

MPP-SEN is a multi- sensor with a light sensor, PIR and a IR sensor for remote control.

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SMR = Single Group, Microwave, Relay based. Glamox SMR Sensor is an active microwave sensor operating with a signal on 5,8 GHz. Changes in the reflection will then be interpreted as presence.


SMC = Single Group, Microwave, Corridor function. Glamox SMC Sensor is an active microwave sensor operating with a signal on 5,8 GHz. Changes in the reflection will be interpreted as presence.

SPC sensor

SPC = Single Group, PIR sensor, Corridor function. Glamox SPC Sensor is a PIR sensor connected in a corridor function.

SPR sensor

SPR = Single Group, PIR sensor, Relay based. Glamox SPR Sensor is a PIR sensor with relay based ON/OFF switch for a single group of luminaires.

User Manual D2-SEN

Version prior to december 2018


Ceiling systems

Glamox offers lighting solutions suitable for a wide range of different ceiling systems. Here you will find a complete overview of current ceiling systems with matching Glamox luminaires.

Glamox UB-SEN

Version prior to december 2018



Version prior to december 2018



Version prior to october 2012


Direct light, low glare

Glamox C20-R G2

Say hello to Glamox C20-R Generation 2! If light quality matters to you, this is a product to be reckoned with. This recessed luminaire emits a light that is both comfortable and ergonomic. With C20-R you get high efficiency, low glare and a soft transition from light to dark. The key to success is the louvre optic that is especially developed for modern LED light sources.

L-1 relaunch

Bright ideas don’t fade. They just shine brighter.

Vi kan stolt presentere familiens nyeste medlem: L-1 Pendel. Og ja, den skiller seg fra de andre. Først og fremst henger den fra taket. Vi innrømmer at det er litt rart for en L-1-modell, med tanke på dens fjærede stamfars suksess. Dessuten kommer den i tre forskjellige størrelsesvarianter, som definitivt ikke er comme il faut for L-1, selv om skrivebordslampen og vegglampen også hadde noen få alternativer å velge mellom. Men seriøst, en pendel?

Glamox DALI

You define. We connect.

With Glamox DALI we offer you a safe and well-proven solution. The system consists of DALI components that are thoroughly tested both individually and combined as a system.

You define. We connect.

Glamox Light Management Systems

With a Light Management System from Glamox you get a complete lighting solution. You define what you need, and we connect lighting solutions based on your requirements.

lux&lumen 2018

The new lux&lumen 2018 is ready!

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Slim and minimalistic

Glamox C95-W

Glamox C95-W is a square luminaire, in two neat sizes. It is an elegant wall mounted addition to the C95 family of high end interior luminaires.

Glamox Reference book

Welcome to our world of light!

We are proud to present an overview of recent projects featuring our products and solutions. An index of all the reference projects listed can be found in the back. Here you will find a list of the products featured and other relevant information about each project.

Glamox C70

Modernistic design

All members of the Glamox C70 family are equipped with the latest LED lighting technology.

Glamox i60

Flexible and streamlined LED luminaire

Glamox i60 is a splash proof, flexible LED luminaire with uniform illumination for interiors and industry. With it’s slim design, this luminaire is easily fitted onto ceilings or walls in a variety of applications.

Dedicated to quality

About quality assurance, test procedures and product certification in the Glamox Group

Glamox is the leading supplier of lighting solutions to the world’s marine and offshore markets. We take pride in providing products of superior technical quality that work reliably even under the most extreme conditions.

Glamox C95

Glamox C95 – slim and minimalistic

Glamox C95 is a family of high quality interior luminaires. The family is characterized by a clean, minimalistic design and fully illuminated surfaces. The edge lit technology allows for a slim profile which reduces the influence on the ceiling height to a minimum. With the C95 family you also get excellent visual performance.

Glamox C80

Glamox C80 brings tailor-made light to the next level

Glamox C80 is a luminaire solution especially designed for mounting in long lengths. The product is exclusively developed for LED and is available in pendant, recessed and surface mounted versions.

Glamox i90-P

Robust and powerful high bay LED luminaire

Glamox i90-P is a robust LED luminaire designed for mounting in high ceilings. The luminaire is characterized by it’s unique shape in black finish. It combines an exceptional high lumen output with high quality materials, engineered and tested for high ambient temperatures. Glamox i90-P will illuminate large open areas as well as racking aisles. In total, this combination makes Glamox i90-P ideal for warehouses, factories and industrial halls, as well as aircraft hangars, shipyards or exhibition areas.

Medical Lighting Guide

The new LG2: Hospitals and Healthcare Buildings, published in November 2008, replaces the 1989 version, and takes into account advances in lighting technology and medical practice. This booklet is designed to be used in conjunction with the LG2 guide.

DALI Cockpit

Software & Guide


Spotlight - Professional Accent Lighting

S70 LED, S60 LED and S50 LED

The leaflet presents a nice overview of our spotlights

Glamox A90-P

Decorative and tough

Glamox A90-P is decorative and tough luminaire with a design that satisfy both the requirements posed to an industrial luminaire and the high demands made by architects and light designers when it comes to aestheticism and functionality.

The new Luxo LHH

Modern medical examination LED luminaire

The new LHH is a natural development of our original medical examination luminaire, which is in daily use by medical professionals all over the world.

Lighting solutions for industrial applications

Welcome to Glamox’ industrial concept!

We are pleased to present our offering of industrial lighting solutions and products.

Gooseneck reading light

Glamox A70-WG

A70-WG is a wall-mounted reading light with gooseneck design and integrated switch dimming.

IP65 indoor/outdoor wall and ceiling luminaire

IP65 indoor/outdoor wall and ceiling luminaire

A15-SQ is a compact LED luminaire for surface mounting on walls and ceilings. It is suitable for mounting outdoors as well as indoors.

Mirror luminaire

Glamox A70-W365

A70-W365 is an elegant LED luminaire designed for the illumination of mirrors. The luminaire should be mounted horizontally above or vertically next to the mirror.

Linea freestanding LED luminaire

Premium performance in the office

Linea is an elegant freestanding luminaire for office environments. It has a lean yet strong, rounded pole and stylish aluminium lamp head with a height of no more than 25 mm. The slim head is made possible by Linea’s use of modern LED technology, which takes very little space while providing light of exceptional quality.

The patient’s bed head luminaire

The new Luxo Carelite

The new Carelite is a natural development of our original patient’s bed head luminaire, which can be found in hospital wards and patient rooms all over the world.

Glamox A70-S

Decorative LED luminaires for ceilings and walls

Glamox A70-S is the first in a new family of elegant LED luminaires available for a wide variety of applications, with a design inspired by current trends in electronics and communication. Glamox A70-S is made for wall or ceiling mounting, and is offered with a solid-looking aluminium body and opal polycarbonate diffuser.

Glamox O70-S

Robust LED luminaire for ceilings and walls

The new Glamox O70-S is a solid-looking LED luminaire with a heavy aluminium body and opal polycarbonate diffuser.

Glamox C80-RR/SR

Tailor-made lengths

Glamox C80 is a luminaire solution dedicated for mounting in long lengths. The product is designed especially for LED and is available in both recessed and surface mounted versions.

Complete family of LED downlights

Glamox D70

The D70 family is applicable for several applications with its range of different variants, selection of sizes, reflectors and décor options. To make it easy to adapt, the D70-family provides you with a whole range of lumen packages.

Glamox S70 LED

Fully flexible and high efficiency LED spotlights

Glamox S70 has an extraordinary high output capacity for its size. Available in two sizes, named MIDI and MAXI. Two sizes with different properties lets you create a complete light setting while retaining a nicely co-ordinated, harmonious design expression for the set of spotlights as well as the desired lighting effect. Well suited in the most diverse settings and environments.

Emergency light

Safe solutions

Planning your emergency lighting installation does not have to be confusing. Whilst it can be easy to miss out important areas or locations in your premises, please use this emergency lighting overview to direct you in what to look out for and what needs to be addressed.

Glamox D70-R108

Tilt and turn downlight

Glamox D70-R108 is one complete unit and is very easy to mount. To secure the downlight, D70 is anchored firmly in the ceiling with Torx bits that always accompany the product. To save the correct lighting position after tilting and turning the diffuser, the D70-R108 provides a smart solution - tilt, turn and fasten.

Glamox i85

Optimal car park and canopy luminaire

Glamox i85 is a robust and versatile LED luminaire designed for car parks, canopies and other demanding applications including environments predisposed to saline concentrations.

Glamox C70-R

Pure LED Experience

The pure LED product Glamox C70-R has one visible surface consisting of only one material. The frame gives a pure design language with its uniform design.

Improved lighting for car parks

Attractive and safe car parks

Garages and multi-storey car parks are often considered dark, dirty, narrow and unsafe areas. Fortunately, this image is rapidly changing as indoor parking areas become more upscale. Architects, owners and designers are beginning to realize that a better-looking premise with quality lighting will reassure the users, attract more customers and also improve the environment.

Glamox C15-R

Easy modular LED solution

The design of C15-R LED is recognised by the metal frame limiting the light opening and gives an impression of a window in the ceiling. The luminaire is well suited for use in corridors and social areas.

Glamox i70 LED

For extreme temperatures

The watertight LED luminaire Glamox i70 is the perfect choice for demanding applications, and is approved for temperatures down to -35 °C and up to +55 °C.


The versatile bedhead luminaire

Glamox A55-W LED is a wall-mounted bed head luminaire for medical care use, with a design and light quality that contributes to a domestic ambience in the ward or patient room. Still it has all the technical features needed for use in modern healthcare environments.

Outdoor lighting

Identity, environment and safety

Outdoor lighting concerns many aspects and appli-cations. The focus areas in this brochure are related to façade, park, pathways, signs and parking areas.

Lighting in the healthcare sector

Innovative lighting solutions for healtcare

Planning guidelines for architects and engineers


Comfortable and efficient

Workspace lighting is much more important than most people imagine. Our work environment, work performance and well-being are greatly affected by it.

Glamox D70

State of the art

D70 is based on state of the art high power LED light sources. The downlight family is applicable for several applications with its selection of sizes, décor options and good colour rendering with Ra85.

Glamox C56-P

Double solution for maximum work effect

The double solution makes it easy to dim the up and down light independently from each other.

Glamox C75-P

Floating light

C75-P is an attractive new pendant luminaire with LED light source and an exceptionally slim body. It is one of the first LED luminaires to offer a combination of upwards and downwards light distribution with satisfactory energy efficiency. C75-P is available in two different lengths.

Glamox i80

Robust and powerful industrial LED luminaire

The powerful and robust LED luminaire, Glamox i80, is based on ingenious design, high quality materials and state of the art LED technology.

Glamox i35

A versatile and tough IP65 luminaire

Glamox i35 is a surface mounted IP65 luminaire, specifically designed to meet strict requirements in the food industry.

Emergency light

Safe solutions

Planning your emergency lighting installation does not have to be confusing. Whilst it can be easy to miss out important areas or locations in your premises, please use this emergency lighting overview to direct you in what to look out for and what needs to be addressed.

Glamox S60 | S60 LED

Glamox S60 | S60 LED is a complete range of spotlights supplied with metal halide as well as LED technology in a unified design language. This family of spotlights meets the different needs in various applications as retail stores, galleries, reception areas, showcases and other applications where you want varying concentrated areas of light.

Glamox C20 P3 & S3

Glamox C20-P3 and S3 are functional all-round luminaires for pendant or surface mounting. The luminaires have a slim and classical design with a well considered use of material with body in steel and end caps in moulded aluminium. In addition to effective optics, dimming, sensor options and emergency solutions, C20-P3 and S3 are solid and functional luminaires for different applications – the specifier’s choice.

Glamox C20-P4 and C20-S4

The bridge between light and architecture

Glamox C20-P4 and S4 have a modern, minimalistic design that strengthens the bridge between light and architecture. In combination with quality materials and finish, and a wide variety of very efficient optics, the C20-P4 and S4 will be an attractive element in any project.

The right light for the office!

The importance of good office lighting

There are many ways to illuminate an office environment. For decades we have designed innovative lighting products and concepts, aiming to improve work place lighting, taking special care of individual needs.

Glamox C55

Glamox C55-P is a pendant luminaire with its slim shape and functional swing solution addresses a number of tasks in an elegant manner. The use of aluminum gives you a quality product with high quality finish and minimal size of a cross section of only 50 x 65 mm. C55-P is available in both single and continuous system fixtures and is available in colours, white or grey.

Glamox A20

Glamox A20 is a slim and refined family of designer luminaires with modern shape and pleasant light distribution. It is without question that it can be delivered with energy saving solutions, but our designers have first and foremost developed a product that expands the possibility of an overall style throughout the building.


The Luxo downlight series Travel has just welcomed an attractive new addition, the LED downlight TraveLed. This energy-saving downlight has a unique design, and is designed for recessed installation. TraveLed is offered with square or circular reflector, and is available in black, white or silver grey aluminium.

360 Folder

360 moves like no other task light.


The Modul family includes recessed, surface mounted and pendant models that combine functionality, performance and design. Some of the recessed models are mounted completely flush with the ceiling. With a uniform circular or square opal diffuser they give an impression of light coming straight through the ceiling. The result is very impressive indeed! Equipped with a high quality microprismatic diffuser they are ideal for the modern office environment.


the Light Connection System

Linect® is a universal connection system for recessed luminaires. All luminaires fitted with a Linect® interface can be connected to a plug-in connector system from various manufacturers. The Linect® system is available with different types of functionality like on/off, dimming and emergency. The aim is to significantly reduce both delivery and installation times.

Glamox i75

LED luminaire for several different applications.

Glamox i75 is a compact LED luminaire for pendant and surface mounting. Smart installation through the top, with easy access to all internal components. The product is suitable for many different applications ranging from assembly halls, open spaces, cinema to industrial premises, warehouses and cold storage facilities. The luminaire can be used in ambient temperatures (Ta) from 45°C down to -35°C.

Glamox A10

Decorative. Flexible

Glamox A10 is a very versatile circular luminaire with high light output and a decorative illumination on the ceiling or wall. This decorative luminaire fits very well in applications like corridors, staircases, public bathrooms and locker rooms with its easy maintenance and IP55 protection.

Glamox A40

Bathroom luminaire with good light distribution and functional design.

Glamox A40 is a bathroom luminaire with a plain and functional design. The brilliant diffuser gives a good light distribution. Fitted to a mirror, it will with its transparent gradients provide a pleasant soft light to the face and the closest surroundings. With different lengths, this luminaire is ideal for use in bathrooms, toilets, cloakroom and laundry room.

Lighting for a brighter future

Learning is the process of understanding, selecting, interpreting and storing information. Man’s ability to learn, store information and then pass it on to the following generations is crucial for all development and our own evolution. Our modern, knowledge based society poses increasingly stringent demands on installing correct artificial lighting systems to facilitate cultivation of the optimal learning environment. We thrive on solving a challenge – after all, we’re experts in this area.

Glamox D20

Easier solutions. Innovative design.

GLAMOX D20 is a good example of innovation in practice. Systematic, creative and evolutionary teamwork has provided tangible results. With dialogue, precision and simplicity as the key starting points, a series with unique GLAMOX EASY® functions has been created. Our pioneering work has brought dividends for all those who work on the planning and delivery of cost effective lighting solutions.

Glamox D20 LED

Functional. Energy efficient

Our popular downlight family is now expanded with an energy-efficient LED variant. Glamox D20 LED is a stylish and functional downlight delivered as one complete unit with the Linect® quick connection system. The new LED variants are available in both round and square shapes and in two different diameter sizes 210 and 250mm.

Glamox C50

Endless solutions

Glamox C50 is a product family for schools and office buildings which goes far beyond any standard solution. With Glamox C50 the possibilites for fitting and combining solutions suitable for your project are limitless. System solutions are easily connected, by simply hooking the desired luminaires together at 90 degrees from each other.

Glamox C50 Leaflet

Glamox C50 is a product family for schools and office buildings, which goes far beyond any standard solution. With Glamox C50 the possibilities for fitting and combining solutions suitable for your project are limitless and the luminaires are available for all mounting situations; recessed, surface and pendant. With special brackets the luminaires can also be wall mounted.

Glamox C30

Balance between directed and diffused light

Glamox C30 is a range of light fittings based on a new lighting concept. Glamox has developed a concept which gives an optimal balance between directed and diffused light. Glamox C30 has various areas of application and is highly suitable for offices, conference rooms, common rooms, classrooms, and corridors.

Optiwin 3D Pro

This is a completely new version of OptiWin with many new features. Still quick and easy to use, but with new functionality as an advanced 3D Editor, LENI Indicator calculations for the new Energy Directive and the ability to import large 3D models.

DIALux PlugIn - Glamox Luxo

Find the product you want in 3 clicks with DIALux PlugIn.

Eulum files

Eulum files are used to import luminaire data into programs like DIALux, RELUX etc. These files must be unzipped in a special catalogue before importing into each program. The files are saved with the name of the luminaire as file name in order to simplify the importation of certain products.

Cleaning of luminaires

All luminaires from Glamox may be cleaned with a neutral washing detergent (pH 6-9). Put the washing detergent in lukewarm water. Wash with a cloth, a sponge or similar. Rinse with fresh water and dry with a clean cloth.