Lighting solutions for educational institutions

Our ability to acquire, keep and pass on information to the following generations is crucial for all human development. Proper lighting improves our learning capabilities. 

Our lighting concept for educational institutions means:

Think age when planning

Pupils of different ages should study under lighting conditions especially adapted to their visual capability and to the learning methodology.

Life cycle thinking will pay back

In school buildings, lighting often is the number one energy consumer. Careful selection of energy efficient light sources, optics and sensors may contribute to lower energy costs and longer lasting lighting installations.

Application guide

Check out our room-by-room guide with recommendations and requirements for lighting in educational facilities.

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How to light a classroom

Switch between the tabs to study three recommended lighting solutions for a traditional classroom.

Recessed solution with Glamox C85-R luminaires

A modern and decorative type of recessed luminaire with aluminum reflectors that provide a low glare solution with direct light for excellent 3-D visualization of objects in the classroom.

Recessed solution with Glamox C85-R 

Recessed solution with Glamox C95-R luminaires

A popular solution: Luminaires recessed into the ceiling provide direct light and an uncluttered, aesthetic look, with clean lines and excellent general lighting. The microprismatic optics reduces luminance and glare.

Recessed solution with Glamox C95-R

Surface-mounted solution with Glamox C95-S luminaires

This solution provides the same pleasant direct light as the recessed solution. It is often used with smooth plasterboard or concrete ceilings, and in ceilings with little space for recessed options.

Surface mounted solution

Pendant solution with Glamox C95-P luminaires

Pendant luminaires combine direct and indirect light distribution, providing pleasant general lighting as well as direct workstation lighting. Light is reflected from the ceiling, which adds to the ambience of the classroom.

Pendant solution

Human Centric Lighting  in education

Human Centric Lighting can adjust people’s daily rhythms and strengthen our motivation, well-being, and productivity. Human Centric Lighting solutions in schools can improve alertness during tests and concentration tasks.

Free lighting assessment

We offer free lighting assessments by our lighting experts. During these visits, we observe the lighting conditions in your building(s), measure the light levels, and test for glare issues and other unwanted lighting problems. You will receive our observations and recommendations immediately following our visit. These assessments are free of charge.