Glamox is 70 years old!

This year our company celebrates its 70th anniversary. Glamox was founded on a technological invention – the glamoxation process; a method for electrochemical surface treatment of aluminium. With this technology our founders were able to manufacture high quality luminaires with efficient aluminium reflectors at a competitive price.

This was the start of an industrial adventure that now includes a whole family of product brands – several of which are even older than the parent company. 

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Since 1947, our ability to stay in the forefront of the technological development has made it possible for us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art lighting products on a continuous basis. Our products and solutions are developed and tested by our engineers at our own research and testing facilities, and manufactured and certified in accordance with all relevant quality and environmental standards. They are based on the latest technology and expertise – and generations of experience.

Welcome to the past, present and future of Glamox. And thank you for the first 70 years!

Our brands

The Glamox Group owns a range of quality lighting brands including Glamox, Aqua Signal, Luxo, Høvik Lys, Norselight and LINKSrechts. We are committed to meeting customer needs and expectations by providing quality products and solutions, service and support. 

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Corporate history

Glamox was founded in 1947 by the Norwegian civil engineer, scientist and inventor Birger Hatlebakk. Since the inauguration the company has grown through expansion and acquisitions. 

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Quality and testing

The Glamox Group operates modern assessment and testing laboratories for the simulation of a wide variety of environmental conditions. We do this so that we will know exactly what our products can endure, in order to provide them with the correct national and international classifications and certifications.

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