Light control on all levels

Light control is all about solving the customers’ needs, nor creating one. With a modern light control system we can do everything and a bit more. The challenge is to make a good functional description of what you need without making a list over the possibilities of a system.
Normally the user just wants a solution that gives enough light at the correct place and at the correct time. The building owner or the tenant want a solution within the light requirements that have as low energy consumption as possible. The challenge is then to make a solution that does not compromise on either of these requirements.

In addition to save energy light control is also about creating a light environment for different settings. When the meeting room becomes a cinema or the site of the yearly Christmas table there must be a possibility to easily change the light accordingly.

For more than 60 years have we been providing lighting solutions matching our customers’ needs. Our aim has always been to solve these challenges in a way that consumes as little energy as possible. Together with our partners we can supply light control systems on all levels.


Marine, onshore and offshore solutions