A robust luminaire with accurate light distribution

Glamox i95-P is an IP65 rated LED luminaire designed for industrial applications. The luminaire combines the most excellent reflector options with high quality materials, including solid front cover options.

In industrial settings lighting is an important contributor to safety and a good working environment. But choosing luminaires that give you the best light for different tasks can be tricky.  Whether it is lighting from a high ceiling in an industry hall that helps the truck driver navigate safely or lighting that illuminates the top shelfs in a warehouse, you need to consider what kind of light distribution you need from your luminaires. With i95-P we give you all the options you need to create the best possible lighting scheme for your project. 

Accurate light distribution

Glamox i95-P is available with four reflector options allowing accurate light distribution. It includes wide beam (WB), medium beam (MB), narrow beam (NB) and extreme narrow beam (XNB) reflectors. The different beam angles make Glamox i95-P suitable to illuminate large open areas as well as racking aisles. The luminaire can be pendant or surface mounted, and is ideal for warehouses, production premises and industrial halls, entrance halls and atriums with mounting heights up to 10-12 meters.


Long life and few maintenance requirements

The lifetime of an industry facility is normally long and the supporting equipment inside is expected to last for a long period of time. With LED modules, light source replacements are rarely or never required. Glamox i95-P can also be supplied with DALI dimming, which enables efficient light control. By using external sensors and dimming Glamox i95-P will reduce energy consumption and increase the lifetime of components.

High quality materials

The use of high quality materials will reduce maintenance cost, and comply with requirements in a variety of industrial applications.

The luminaire housing is made of black epoxy/polyester powder coated die-cast aluminum with a low content of iron and copper. The component housing is made of injection moulded black glass reinforced polycarbonate. The cooling ribs are produced in black anodized extruded aluminum and the reflector in anodized aluminum. The front cover is made of heat soak tested tempered glass (HTG) with extra high light transmission, or with impact resistant clear acrylic (CL).The type of glass cover is extra-clear and coated on both sides to achieve high light transmission. The luminaire contain silicon free gaskets and screws of acid proof steel.

• For details visit Glamox i95-P LED product sheet

Check out our 3D solution that allows you to zoom and rotate the luminaire and see it from different angles.