Introducing Free LED

Our fashionable Free series is a family of office luminaires with great light output and maximum flexibility.

Free provides a combination of upward and downward light distribution, and is available as a free standing floor luminaire, or clamped to a table or desk. There is also a wall version.

Freedom to move!

The Free series offers maximum flexibility in the work space. The floor and table versions are easily unplugged and moved around – no need for electrical installation. Of course, modern dimming and daylight/presence detection is available.

New! Free LED

LED versions of the Free series are now available. Free LED is equipped with state-of-the-art light emitting diodes, which provide crisp, bright light. Light emitting diodes have an incredibly long life span. The diodes in Free have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. That means 25 years or more with normal office use. You may never have to change the light source!

Free with mains supply and data module
The floor version (Free-F) is available with a mains supply/data module attached to the pole, which gives added flexibility and minimizes other electrical installations.

Design Björn Siesjö

The Free series is designed by Swedish designer Björn Siesjö, who has developed a number of luminaires in classical, modern design. Björn Siesjö was originally trained as a mason before he studied architecture at the Chalmes Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has done a series of very successful design projects for Glamox Luxo Lighting. In 2011 Björn Siesjö was appointed chief public works architect for the city of Gothenburg. “I try to combine the known with the unknown to achieve the unexpected,” he is fond of saying.