Glamox C70-P: New pendant luminaire

We are now launching the pendant version of our Glamox C70 family of luminaires. The slim-bodied Glamox C70 luminaires are designed to provide modern office environments with a homogenous and stylish design: Recessed, surface mounted and pendant luminaires with the same look and feel, for mounting in corridors and meeting rooms, in open plan offices, reception areas, social zones and executive cell offices.

The pendant version C70-P has a very slim body with a smooth finish. The slim body is made possible by our use of modern LED technology, which takes very little space while providing light of exceptional quality.

This pendant luminaire will look good in any office environment, including executive cell offices and meeting rooms. It has a 40/60 up/down light distribution: The powerful uplight component contributes to the general lighting in the room, while the downlight illuminates the desk in accordance with the European standard for workstation lighting, EN 12464-1.

C70-P can be can be equipped with emergency lighting and various sensor systems.

Completely sealed
The luminous surfaces of the C70 luminaires are completely sealed, allowing no access for dust or insects. The optics will stay pristine and not be spoiled by marks from dead flies or dirt.

The bodies are UV resistant and will not be subject to discolouring. These luminaires will remain white and attractive for the duration of their lifetime.

Available for row mounting

Glamox C70-P is available for row mounting. The luminaires are fastened to each other with the aid of a special bracket.

A family of luminaires with modernistic design and excellent light quality

The C70 luminaries are all moulded in one single piece from high quality thermoplastic polymer material. The result is a seamless white body with sharp angles and a smooth silky surface.

Into this body is fastened a single sheet of optics material, either microprismatic or opal, which has been designed to spread the light evenly in all directions. It is this combination of stylish design and the pleasant and efficient quality of light which makes the Glamox C70 family stand out from many other office luminaires.