Glamox introduces new cleanroom series

Whether you are looking for luminaires for an operating theatre or a food processing plant our cleanroom products can do the job. The new Cleanroom series from Glamox is certified by Fraunhofer IPA and is well suited for a wide range of applications. 

Learn more about Glamox Cleanroom in this video

Glamox has recently launched two new cleanroom luminaires, C64-R and C65-S. The products have been through extensive testing, both internally and externally by the reputed Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart. Both C64-R and C65-S are ISO Class 1 certified according to ISO 14644-1. They have also gone through a cleanability test in order to achieve the “Fraunhofer Tested Device-certification”. In addition to the certification from Fraunhofer the luminaires are certified according to EN 60598-2-25 “Luminaires for use in clinical areas of hospitals and health care buildings.

Suitable for all cleanroom applications
Together with Glamox C63-R, the C64-R and C65-S constitute the Glamox Cleanroom series. The series is developed to accommodate a full spectrum of cleanroom applications, from food processing plants to operating theatres or semiconductor manufacturing facilities. 

Versatile products
Besides meeting strict requirements for cleanliness and particle control, these luminaires also offer high light quality, a clean and modern design and the option to be used as a part of a Human Centric Lighting Solution. 
Read more about the Glamox Cleanroom series in our brochure.

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