Glamox launches video channels in 7 different languages

We’re proud to present GlamoxTV, our own set of video channels. Here you will find video content available for all devices, from smart phones to desktop computers.

As a modern, multinational company Glamox sees videos as an important way to communicate with our customers around the world. To make this content easier to access, we’re now launching our own set of video channels under the name GlamoxTV. Here you’ll find videos relating to products and concepts and about Glamox as a corporation.

“To make sure that we reach our customers in the countries we’re present in, we launch GlamoxTV not only in English, but also in German, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Estonian”, says Project Manager Tor Olav Eidsæter.

The videos may be viewed directly or they can be downloaded for offline use. You can find your local GlamoxTV channel by following the link below. Stay tuned for frequent updates!