Design excellence!

Glamox has won an "Award for Design Excellence" from the Norwegian Design Council, for the new pendant luminaire Glamox C75-P. These prestigious design awards were handed out on Wednesday, 17 April in Oslo during the Norwegian Design Day, an annual event organized by the Norwegian Design Council. Here companies and professional designers are celebrated for successful innovation.

Glamox C75-P
Glamox C75-P is an attractive new pendant luminaire with LED light source and an exceptionally slim body. It is one of the first LED luminaires to offer a combination of upwards and downwards light distribution with satisfactory energy efficiency.  

“Over the next few years, LEDs take over much of the lighting market. We wanted to develop an eye-catching, innovative luminaire that could really generate interest for the light source”, says Knut S. Rusten, Senior Vice President Marketing and R&D.

A sliver of floating light

The result is called Glamox C75-P. C75-P consists of an 8 millimeter acrylic plate with a slim aluminium centre piece. The luminaire is completely transparent when it is not lit. When lit, it creates an impression of being invisible, that there is only a thin sliver of light floating in the air. This is made possible by the use of innovative optics, in combination with a vertical LED light source and light refraction. The unique design and use of superior materials makes this novelty a good choice for the executive office or board room.

Glamox C75-P has been developed over several years of close collaboration between the company's engineers and designers from the Scandinavian design studio Hareide Design.

”At Glamox, design and technical development always goes hand in hand. In this way, the designers also contribute to the functionality of the product, not just to the aesthetics”, says Rusten.