Inspiration, information, illumination

Glamox’ main catalogue for 2019 is now ready. We hope this year’s lux&lumen will provide inspiration, useful product information and be a source of information on the topic of lighting.

Lux & lumen is a combined news magazine and product guide for our customers in the professional building market. The catalogue is published in seven different languages and printed in more than 19 000 copies. In this year’s edition you can, among other things, read about Audi’s largest showroom in Ireland, where lighting is used to show off the cars in the best possible way. You can also read about the Norwegian bank Sparebank1 Nord-Norge that is investing in Human Centric Lighting in several of its offices in Northern Norway. The bank’s management hopes that this technology can prevent sick leave and help create a good working environment for their employees. 

The catalogue contains descriptions and pictures of our wide product assortment, as well as an introduction to Glamox Light Management Systems which is an important target area to us. Attached to the catalogue there is also a compressed product guide for a quick overview of our luminaires.  

You can visit the electronic version of the catalogue here.

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