Inspiration, information, illumination

Glamox’ main catalogue for 2017, lux&lumen, is now ready. We hope it can inspire you in your daily work, provide useful product information and be a source of information on the topic of lighting.

Lux& lumen is a combined news magazine and product guide for our customers in the land market. The catalogue is published in seven different languages and printed in more than 21 000 copies. In this year’s edition you can among other projects read about the new LED lighting scheme for De Velinx Cultural Centre in Tongeren Belgium - a centre that not only contains the city library and a large-capacity modern theatre with all the latest sound and lighting equipment, but also encompasses the remains of the medieval town wall.  

The catalogue also contains descriptions and pictures of our wide product assortment, as well as insightful articles about Human Centric Lighting and Light Management Systems. Attached to the catalogue there is also a compressed product guide for a quick overview of our luminaires.
Printed copies of lux&lumen will be distributed to our customers by our sales force.  Please feel free to contact us at or call 01 4500755if you still haven’t received a copy and we will make sure you get it as soon as possible.

You can also view and download an electronic version of lux&lumen 2017 here.