The Light + Building fair has come to a successful end

We are pleased by positive feedback and great interest of visitors at the Glamox booth. This year, we introduced Glamox Light Management System together with several new luminaires. Here are some highlights from the fair.

When entering the Glamox booth, visitors where greeted below a large composition of pendant luminaires (Glamox C95-P). It was almost dancing due to the automatic light control settings which gave the “chandelier” an aesthetic effect. 

Glamox Light Management System (LMS)

Visitors were offered guided tours of the booth; exploring the Central Monitoring System, Wireless light management system, PoE, Human Centric Lighting and more. During the tours the different systems were demonstrated on site.
Guided tour
Visitors were allowed to test the easy graphical user interface of energy monitoring, emergency monitoring and maintenance planning. 

High bay luminaires controlled with a wireless light management system were showcased from the ceiling of the booth.
The easy commissioning of the wireless system was presented on site during the tour.

Gesture control
A new experience for many of the visitors was the Glamox Gesture Control. They got the opportunity to get a hands-on experience on how to use simple gestures to control the luminaires. Turn on and off the luminaires, and also change the light intensity or colour temperature.

Along with the light control, visitors were introduced to asset tracking, navigation and heat mapping.

Product news

Luxo L-1 is known as the world’s original architect lamp. At Light + Building we launched the new L-1 in a pendent version with the characteristic L-1 shade. It was presented together with the original table version and the new wall-mounted member of the family.

circleThe popular C95 family was presented with the new Circle range of luminaires. C95 Circle is a decorative recessed, pendent or surface-mounted, circular luminaire that is available in 4 different sizes. By combining different sizes and creating creative compositions, the C95 Circle became a decorative addition to the to the exhibition design.

Clean roomWe have introduced our new cleanroom concept together with several luminaires for medical care use. Along with new luminaires we presented our Human Centric Lighting solutions. 

Activities at the Glamox booth

vrMany visitors enjoyed the VR-experience and discovered what lighting solutions are all about. This way we made it easy to communicate more than the features of the luminaires, but the total lighting solution.

How many watts can you produce? This was the question we asked visitors at our booth. They got to try our bicycle activity and experience how little power it takes to run modern office lighting. 

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers and business partners for visiting our booth at this year’s Light + Building. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or feedback that you would like to share.