Louvre – the optic that can’t be outshined

Already in the 80s Glamox discovered the unrivalled qualities of louvre optic. Today Glamox works with several different types of optics, but the light quality offered by louvres is still hard to match.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that artificial light is not homogeneous, but can have a wide range of different qualities depending on the light source and optic used. Throughout 70 years in the lighting industry Glamox has aimed to develop luminaires that offer the best possible illumination for different applications. Properties like glare control, good colour rendering and an option to choose between softlight and light that gives the correct depths to the surroundings, are important to us.

Directed light
Louvre is a type of optic that uses reflecting slats to carefully direct the light where it’s wanted while at the same time reducing glare to a minimum. Louvres distribute the light evenly in a wide angle, while the illuminated surface of the luminaire itself remains pleasantly discrete.

Low glare
Using louvres is also a good way to get the most out of modern LED light sources. Since LEDs emit all the light in one direction, glare can easily become an issue if the optic isn’t carefully adapted. Louvres are ideal in this respect since they reduce glare to a minimum without significant reduction of the lumen out value. With modern software simulations it is possible to optimize the angles of the slats even more than before to achieve exactly the light distribution properties wanted.

Class rooms and offices
Louvre optic is especially well suited for applications where you want to reduce glare as much as possible, like offices and class rooms. Combined with energy efficient LED light sources, louvre luminaires will reduce the number of luminaires needed to illuminate a given area. The aesthetical properties of the light should also please architects and designers that want to show off an interior the best possible way.

Our products
Below you can find links to some of our most popular luminaires with louvre optics.

Glamox C20 R G2
Glamox C30-RIT
Glamox C30-RIC