New family of high quality interior LED luminaires

The C95 family is designed to accentuate an elegant interior design. Yet the slim and minimalistic luminaires are highly functional when it comes to visual performance.

We observe that architects and building owners are spending more resources to create workplaces that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Inspiring and sophisticated interior design is no longer restricted to private homes. We think that lighting should complement and enhance a smart interior without sacrificing visual performance or energy efficiency.  This is why we have created the C95 family.

Elegant and flexible

The C95 family comprises three different mounting options, pendent, surface and recessed. A slim body and fully lit surface are some of the common design traits of the family.

“Our aim was to create an elegant and flexible LED product family that can serve as a common thread through different rooms and areas to create a good flow,” Designer Stefan Pettersson says.

Pendant luminaire with separate up and downlight
The pendant luminaire is available in both a square and a rectangular version. With separate up and downlight the luminaire can distribute the light any way you desire. The uplight will contribute to the general lighting of the room while the downlight will give the specific lighting you need for a workspace or a social zone. 
“C95-P is especially suitable for cell offices, landscapes and social areas,” product manager Andreas Wendestam explains.

Decorative “halo-light” 

The surface mounted luminaire is also available in both a square and rectangular version. The square C95-S can be delivered with backlight, creating a decorative halo effect in the ceiling. 
- We see this as a product that is ideal for corridors, social areas and other places where elegant and functional lighting is needed”, says Wendestam.

Shallow installation depth
The shallow depth of the recessed luminaire (only 25 mm) steals very little ceiling height. The thin aluminum frame will become completely concealed when placed into a standard t-bar ceiling grid creating a minimalistic and elegant expression. The C95-R is available in multiple sizes to fulfil the requirements of the different European countries. It can be fitted into both 15 mm and 24 mm t-profile bars.  

Human Centric Lighting
The C95 family is also available with tuneable white technology. Briefly put this is a technology that allows the color temperature of the light to be adjusted between cold white and warm white. It’s scientifically proved that cold white light, which resembles early morning sunlight, influences the hormone production of the human body. This may among other things, cause a feeling of alertness and a concentration boost. The warm white light helps the body relax. Used in systematic manner Human Centric Lighting can promote health and safety in the workplace. Read more about HCL here.