New freestanding luminaire!

Linea is an elegant freestanding luminaire for office environments. It has a lean yet strong, rounded pole and stylish aluminium lamp head with a height of no more than 25 mm.

The slim head is made possible by Linea’s use of modern LED technology, which takes very little space while providing light of exceptional quality.

Linea is equipped with efficient reflectors and dual layer prism optics, which provide excellent asymmetric light output and minimum glare. The powerful uplight component contributes to the general lighting in the room, while the downlight illuminates the desk in accordance with the European standard for workstation lighting, EN 12464-1.

Individual light control
Linea is fully dimmable. It is also available with separate light control for the uplight and downlight components. Individually adjustable lighting means maximum flexibility, and ensures that all users have complete control of the light levels at their own workstation.

Available with sensors and wireless communication
Linea is available with built-in sensors for combined presence and daylight regulation, and is also offered with a system for wireless communication between groups of up to 50 Linea luminaires. This system offers maximum comfort and automatic energy savings, particularly in open plan offices.

Adjustable colour temperature
Linea is available with adjustable colour temperature, for increased comfort and productivity. Studies show that humans benefit from variations between cool and warm light during the day. We offer Linea with an advanced “tuneable white” lighting system which can support the human circadian rhythm, enhance concentration, prevent sleeping disorders and improve overall well-being.