Optimal car park and canopy luminaire

We are pleased to introduce our new Glamox i85, a robust and versatile LED luminaire designed for car parks, canopies and other demanding applications including environments predisposed to saline concentrations.

The luminaire is supplied with state of the art LED technology and with a lifetime of minimum 65.000 hours (L70) at maximum Ta 45. The extreme wide beam reflector (XWB) is especially designed to fulfil the lighting requirements for car parks and the wide beam reflector (WB) is suitable for heavy industrial applications with ceiling heights up to 5 metres.

Efficient range

The family of i85 can provide up to 5.500 lumen out of the luminaire with a CRI of 80. By using Glamox i85 you can get energy savings greater than 40% compared to the use of traditional T8 luminaire. And best of all, lower total cost of ownership and short payback time. Try our investment calculator on our website and test your specific project.


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