Ten interesting places with lighting from Glamox

What do the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, UKs Royal Navy and Heathrow Airport have in common? All places have lighting from Glamox.

People who work in Glamox tend to look up when they enter new buildings and constructions. It’s an occupational habit - we’re curious to see if we can spot Glamox lighting in the ceiling!  Quite often we’re rewarded with the familiar sight of one of our luminaires. It feels even better when we experience this in famous or unusual surroundings. Here are some of the more extraordinary places you’ll find Glamox Lighting.

 1) Heathrow Airport
In 2015 more than 75 million people passed through this airport, making it one of the busiest airports in the world. The airport serves 80 airlines and more than 180 destinations.  Recently a major upgrade to LED lighting has been carried out, in cooperation with Glamox Luxo Lighting Limited. The project includes a variety of key locations at the airport, such as terminals, control posts, car parks and more.

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2) HMS Queen Elisabeth and HMS Prince of Wales of the Royal Navy

Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales are the largest surface warships ever built for the Royal Navy. The ships will be utilised by all three sectors of the UK Armed Forces and will provide eight acres of sovereign territory which can be deployed around the world. Both ships will be versatile enough to be used for operations ranging from supporting war efforts to providing humanitarian aid and disaster relief. With its complement of embarked aircraft the ships will be the centre piece of Britain’s military capability in circumstances when basing the aircraft on land is not possible or desirable. At 280m long and 70m wide, the aircraft carriers’ flight decks can accommodate more than 470 London buses. Both carriers have been built in sections across the UK and shipped to Rosyth in Scotland for assembly. Glamox Aqua Signal has supplied hundreds of LED Wide beam floodlights for the vessels.

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3) The Amsterdam Stock Exchange

The impressive stock exchange building on Amsterdam’s Beursplein was designed by Dutch architect Jos Cuypers at the beginning of the previous century. The famous trading floor with its lofty barrel-vaulted ceiling of glass, cast iron and wood is known from a great number of financial television programs. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is now part of the pan-European transnational exchange called Euronext. 

Recently the trading floor has been bathed in a new light. The old metal halide luminaires in the glass ceiling have been replaced by modern LED luminaires.

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4) Svalbard Global Seed Vault
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure seed bank on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago, about 1,300 kilometres from the North Pole. The purpose of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is to provide insurance against both incremental and catastrophic loss of crop diversity held in traditional seed banks around the world. The Seed Vault is owned and administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food on behalf of the Kingdom of Norway and is established as a service to the world community. Svalbard was chosen for several reasons. Its cold climate and permafrost make the area a perfect location for underground cold storage. The surrounding sandstone is stable for building and is low in radiation. In terms of security, Svalbard scores high marks compared to the locations of many other genebanks in the world. The vault is located an extraordinary 120 metres (393.7 feet) into the rock, ensuring that the vault rooms will remain naturally frozen even in the event of failure of the mechanical cooling system and rising external air temperatures due to climate change.

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5) The world's largest car carrier
The Höegh Target is the world’s largest purpose built car and truck carrier. It’s 199.9m long and   36.8m wide and can carry up to 8500 cars. Höegh Target was built in 2015 by for Höegh Autoliners a global provider of transportation and logistics services within the Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) segment. Höegh Target is equipped with DL60 downlights, FL60 floodlights and TL60 indoor luminaires from Glamox Aqua Signal.

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6) De Kuyper egg liqueur production plant
De Kuyper is a Dutch family-owned company dating back to 1695. The company is the world’s largest producer of cocktail liqueurs. Their factory for dairy-and egg-based products such as alcoholic drinks with cream and eggs are located in Middelharnis in South Holland. The best-known international brands of egg liqueur are made here. Among other things the factory in Middelharnis contains a purpose made machine that breaks the eggs and separates the yolks from the whites. The machine can process 40.000 eggs per hour. The bottling plant (in the picture) can produce 6-7000 bottles per hour, including cleaning, filling and labeling. 

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7) Copenhagen Zoo

It’s not only two-legged creatures that can benefit from Glamox lighting. At the Copehagen Zoo the newly opened “Porten til Savannen” (the Gate to the savanna) suricates and brush tailed porcupines are amongst the inhabitants that thrive in the lighting from Glamox Luxo Lighting.  Founded in 1859, the Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest in Europe. Starting in the early 1980s, Copenhagen Zoo has been undergoing a renovations aimed at replacing cages with enclosures which recreate animals' natural environments, giving a better lifestyle to the animals, and a more realistic experience to visitors. The zoo has a collection of animals from all over the world and is the only zoo outside of Australia which houses Tasmanian devils. Last year Copenhagen zoo had more than 1,1 million visitors.  

See more pictures and read about the lighting supplied to the Gate to the savanna here (NB: text in Danish)

8) Research vessel "Sonne"
The RV SONNE is a German deep ocean research vessel. The ship is purposely build to conduct research activities and operates mainly in the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. She is registered in Wilhelmshaven and replaced its predecessor of the same name. Research covered by the new “SONNE” ranges from aspects of climate change, research of marine biodiversity in deep seas, sustainable exploration of marine resources, research on geo risks, volcanology and natural disasters up to geochemistry and the study of oceanic currents.

During the official inauguration in Rostock Chancellor Merkel called the “SONNE” ‘the new star at the German research sky and wished it safe travels. The brand new ship costed 124 Million Euro and was largely funded by the German Ministry of Research in addition to the coastal regions. The vessel can accommodate 35 crew members and 40 scientists for a period of up to 52 days at sea.

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9) Fazer's new visitors' centre in Vantaa Vaarala

The candy producer Fazer is known for products like Fazermint, Dumle  and Tyrkisk Peber. In September 2016 the Finnish company could celebrate their 125 anniversary. To commemorate this anniversary, Fazer opened a new, unique visitor centre in Vantaa Vaarala. The centre contains an exhibition, a Fazer Café and a store. The visitor centre also provides inspiring spaces and a multifunctional setting for meetings and different events from cooking and baking schools to chocolate tasting sessions, seasonally themed parties and children’s birthday party clubs. Lighting plays a big role in the unique experiences the centre is offering its visitors. Glamox Luxo Lighting has provided lighting for conference rooms, a large multi-purpose space, as well as kitchen, info desk and cloakroom.

See more pictures and read about the lighting solution for the Fazer’s new visitors centre here (NB: Text in Finnish)

 10) Nyhamna gas processing plant 

Nyhamna is one of Norway’s largest natural gas processing plants and can process up to 70 million standard cubic metres gas a day from the Ormen Lange field. Natural gas from the deep-water Ormen Lange field off Norway’s coast meets about 20% of the UK’s gas needs. It first arrives onshore at  Nyhamna, where impurities are removed, then the gas is piped to the UK. A huge project is upgrading the plant to receive gas from more fields through a new pipeline, allowing it to supply enough for up to 22 million European homes. This project is called the Nymamna Expansion project. As a part of the Expansion project, Glamox is supplying the Nyhamna Plant with 2521 Max luminaries and 613 FX60 floodlights through a contract with Kværner.